Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


27. Chapter 27.


I have been drinking white wine, since the party begun so my brain isn’t working as it should. When I get drunk I became so sleepy. For instance, like today.  I was lying on sthe sofa, with my eyes closed, just listening the voices. When Suddenly, somebody, I know exactly who was it, lay next to me and whispered to my ear: “Love, You should go to sleep.” I mumbled: “No, No, I am awake.” Then I opened my eyes and to see his incredible green eyes. He was smiling and his right hand was playing wih my hair. He shook his head and the last thing I remember is that I was lying in his arms, right agains his chest. Then I remember, how he put my boots off and how he covered me with the blanket. Then the lights turned off. I supposed to hear the sound of door. I didn’t. He laid next to me. I could feel his warm hands around my waist. That´s all I remember.

Caroline´s POV: 
Marine had enought for today and Harry has just gone with her to her room, she fell asleep on a sofa. The first one who left was Liam and Louis,  they both kissed me on cheeks and dissapeared. David came here tired already so he and Rosie said goodbye right after boys. Niall was totally sobered so he drove everybody home. Well, it is just me and Zayn, including sleeping Marine and Harry.When Zayn told me we should go to my room, I didn’t expect what I saw when I opened the door. The room was dark but there were candles all over the room. When I stepped inside I looked down on the floor. There were rose petals all over the floor and bed, champagne with two glasses on the nightstand and little box with pink bow on the bed. “Wow. It’s so beautiful. This is the best present I´ve ever got. I love you.” He hugged me and kissed me like never before. Then he took the box from the bed and put it in my hands. “I wanted this to be perfect, so that’s why I didn’t give your gift earlier.” He told me while I was unwrapping that box. When I opened it I couldn’t catch my breath. It was little golden Pandora charm with hearts on it. “Zayn, I can´t except this, it’s too much!” I was still looking at the charm when he has spoken. “No it’s perfect! You are perfect, and I love you.” Then he kissed me and he didn’t stop till the sun was up in the sky.


“Good morning!“ Harry whispered right after I opened my eyes. He was still here! I smiled at him and he smiled back: “You are still here!“ Then turned around, so I could face him. “Of course I am still here, His curls were tossed even though he looked like from a matress commercial. “You spend so much time here with me. I love you for that, I do, but this..“ I stopped and then continued:“...us, isn’t that bad for you? I mean as for a member of band.” He raised his eyebrows:” No? “we”are not bad for me, “we” are the best thing, what happened to me.” I need a minute after this sencence. “Harry, I love you, like I love you so much,  so I have this idea, how to show you that.” He wided his eyes. “ I am going to make you some pancakes!” He laughed as I stood up from bad and reached for my hoodie. Actually it was Harry´s. He has here few things. Harry was walking right after me: “ Well I didn’t expect this answer.” We are alone in a kitchen. Apparently Zayn and Car are sleeping, so me and Harry have some privat time, thank god. I am preparing dough and Harry kissed me on cheek from time to time. I can´t help myself but I could really imagine this like an every morning in future 50 years.  “Good morning!”: Zayn and Car just came from bathroom. Oh, They were there since we are here in a kitchen. They have wet hair and Car is wearing Zayn shirt: Cool kids don’t dance. They have apparently so much fun there, cause they are smiling ever since. They both sat on one chair and ate Harry´s portion. But they look so happy, so I didn’t tell them. Harry looked at me like: what the hell just…? I assured him with my: I will make you another, honey –look. When the look on kissing Zayn and Car stop being bearable we both moved to my room.  I laid on the bed with my hands raised, like I am trying to reach the ceiling. Then I realized Harry is putting his blazer on. “Don’t tell me you are leaving me here with them.” “Of course not” He was just putting his boots on when:.“we are going to my place, YOU are going to make that pancakes even if I had to kill somebody first!”

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