Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


26. Chapter 26.


Balcony part:

Smoking should help. Right? God, who I am kidding, I am shaking since David left. Thank God, Zayn´s here. “Honey, If you don’t want me to be here, just say the word and I leave.” “I love you, Zayn Malik.” Fuck,I said it. However, only these words came up in my mind. He smiled at me. “I love you!” His dark eyes get widen and then he lifted me in the air. I am so happy right now. “ Zayn, love, I am sorry for what just happened. He is an asshole and ….” “Stop right there, I don’t wanna talk about that bastard. Just kiss me already.” So I did.


Rosie´s part:

When David texted me he is on his way here, I suddenly got sad. Shit. What am I doing? Rosie, Daniel is the right person, he is nice, funny, kind and everything, so please don’t chase after another guy.  He is gonna be here in every minute. I am still sitting on the sofa with lads. Oh god, Louis is smiling at me, like he knew what am I thinking about. God, what he has this superpower, and he had read my mind? “Rosie, are you ok?” Louis look worried. “Sure, sure,  Daniel texted me, he is on his way.” I smiled at him so he smiled back. So, clearly Louis has no superpower. I took my coat and went out of building. It is freezing out there! Then I saw Daniel´s car. He is here. Be cool. When he came to me, we kissed. I could feel that he missed me. “Rosie, you look incredible tonight!” “Stop it, come upstairs!” “Wait, so the whole One Direction is there?” God no. God no. You´ve got this. “Yep, they are all really nice, can we just go now? It is freezing.” “Wait, one sec honey, so Niall is there too?” “YES, Daniel he is there too, I told you. Please be nice, nothing happened that night I told you that.” “ I am aways nice, Rosie, and I know but I still think that…” “Daniel, honey, stop it.” Then I took his hand and we went inside.


My bedroom part:

“Marine, just tell me already.”I was still thinking what to say. “Look, Niall, Rosie really likes you, she told us about how sweet you were that night, that you took care of her.” “Fuck” He was a little angry. “What Niall?” “Marine, there is one thing I didn’t tell. That night when we were drinking that whiskey, well Rosie and I….” what?what?what? “…Rosie and I kissed.” NO WAY!!!! “Well technically, she kissed me, but that´s why I am so confused right now. I thought she will remember after some time, but she didn’t. And now, when I looked at her, I don’t see you as someone´s girlfriend. But someone who I really care about maybe really really really care about!You know, what I am saying? It´s like the worst thing ever, that I kissed girl with a boyfriend.” “Niall, Rosie is going through something and she doesn’t know what she wants but, I need to tell you that, she is talking about you since than. She doesn’t know that you two kissed, for sure. But she doesn’t know what she feels to you and to Daniel right now.” “ So, you are saying that she fell a little for me?” I can´t lie to him, he is too cute. “Yes.” Then he walked out back to the living room. 

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