Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


25. Chapter 25.

Oh shit one more time. “Caroline? Please tell me this is not happening?” Car just stood there, no movement, she just stared at him.So hi continued: “ Like, really? A week, and you some boy band in your living room? God, I just thought I would surprise you but clearly…” Then she spoke up. “David, please stop, lets go to my room and …” “No, I don’t want to go anywhere. Car, seriously? When I gave you more time, I didn’t mean more time for you to find somebody to fuck! JESUS!” Then Zayn came to David: “I think it is enough, buddy just go now.” After that David bursted: “ Yeah, like I said, you were fucking this looser, while I was wondering, how will I get you back, right?” Then Car said:” Please, David go, don’t make a scene here, just go and never come back, ever.” After that David walked away. I think that he realized his rudeness and shamelessly left. “Well, guys, I am so sorry for this, god I feel ridiculous. I need a fresh air.. I am sorry…” Then Caroline went on balcony to smoke. Zayn run after her. I think that all the boys are conscious what exactly has happened. Thank God they are smart enough to forget about this whole situation. All the boys are sitting on a sofa and Rosie is in the middle. They are listening to her every word. When boys finally get to know her, they just can´t help themselves. Harry and I are looking at each other. Without a spoken word, Harry followed me to my room. “Harry I am so sorry, I hope guys are ok with this.” “Marine, stop it, we all were going to fight with him so what a shame he left so soon.” We both laughed. “Let´s forget about this and enjoy this night, ok?” He is holding my hands and his widen eyes are suddenly full of kindness. “ One day, I will write a list of why I love Harry Styles, and boy? This list is neverending already!” “ He smiled at me and then we went back to living room. Car and Zayn were already there and they looked calm. That magic cigarette. After a while I realized that Rosie is not here. So I asked Louis: “Louis, where is Rosie?” “She said that Daniel is here so probably she is with him.” He responded with that amazing smile, that I love about him. While I was asking Louis about Rosie, Niall automatically came to me. “Marine, I need to talk to you, later.” He has his hands in his pockets and I could see this worry in his eyes. Niall is so cute. “Of course, Niall, whenever.” I smiled and he smiled back. After that Rosie came to room with tall, ginger Daniel. “ Caroline, happy birthday, girl!” He was holding this big stuffed teddybear. “ Thank you, Cooki...Daniel, Daniel thank you very much.” Then Rosie introduced Daniel to boys. And Niall, of course. He was all smiley, but I could see that there is something not ok. People are drinking, dancing, laughing, everything goes according to the plan. Sometimes, when I am talking to somebody else than Harry, I could see this sharp look on Harry´s face, he is looking right into my face, and right when I looked at him back he smiled at me. He is so so so sexi, that´s not even allowed in this country. “Marine, can we please…?”It was Niall, I totally foget about this cute irish boy. “Sure, sure!” I smiled at him and led him to my badroom. “So…” I sat on the bed. “….What´s happening?” “Did Rosie said something about me?” Wow. So, this is happening.

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