Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


23. Chapter 23.


Thanks to Rosie, we bought Car´s gift like a month ago. The gold Michael Kors watches. She is supposed to bring them on Caroline´s secret B-day party, which takes place in our amartment. That reminds me I should cleaned here a little. I am here totally alone, so no one complains about my singing while I am vacuum cleaning. Then I heard   the door bell  ringing. The only person I am expecting is Rosie, but she has a spare keys so…. Well, it is Zayn. He is holding a little box wrapped in pink paper with little bow on it. In the other hand he has a bouquet of white tulips. He looks desperated. “ Marine, please tell me Car´s not here yet.” “No, no she is not, she is at school, common in!” He walked right into livingroom. “This all was a suicide mission. But I made it! ” He smiled while he put this little box on the coffe table. In his hair I could see these little snowflakes. “Tea?” I asked him politely. “ If you don´t mind, thank you! So where were we, right suicide mission! So I called Rosie for help, and she said that Pandora bracelet would be perfect. So I bought it. I wasn’t even in that studio. Harry aplogised me for not being there. It is cool now.” Then he reached for that box and opened it. ”It is beautiful, Zayn, you have a good eye on these things obviously.” Then I went to kitchen, and prepared  water for that tea and put the flowers in vase. Then I came up with this idea. “Zayn, we are going to surprise her with this secret party, and I have all this balloons. Could you please..?” He didn’t let me finish. “..Help? Of course, I have nothing to do right now, cause I am lying in bed for having splitting headache. Harry knows how to lie.” We both laughed. Then I put cup of tea on the coffe table. “Here you are!” I said it really politely. He smiled at me and took a sip. “ So, when you said we are going to surprise her you meant…” “ I meant me and Rosie. And now you too. And I hope that boys will come too.” I was talking with him, as I was taking the balloons out from the pack. “So David…” Well, I could see where he was going with his. “No, David isn’t coming, for what I know.” I smiled at him and he too. “ Cool!” God, He has already drunk that tea. When he took the last sip, he helped me with decoration. Zayn is tall so he reached everywhere. Amazing! This looks good. Than Zayn offered him to prepare salat.  He looks great in the kitchen. While he was cutting the vegetable,  he told me stories about lads and some other stuff. He is really nice. My view on him has changed from the bad boy to caring and responsible young man. So, chips and popcorn is on table, wine is in a fridge, glasses polished, I think everything is on the right place. Then came Rosie, god she looks stunning, long black dress on one string and this flowered jacket. She sat on the sofa and joked with Zayn about their phone call.” God, I totally forgot to call Harry. And Louis. Or Niall. Shit. I immediately reached for my phone and dialed Harry´s number. Pick it up, pick it up… “Love!” He answered in the most beautiful way. “Harry I am so sorry, I hope it is not too late, but we are going to surprise Car with this secret B-day party, and I totally forgot to invite the most wanted person there.Please, tell me you have nothing today so you will come?” He laughed probably on my apologizing speech. ”Of course, I will be there in 5 minutes.” God? What? Great!  “Marine? Louis, Niall and Liam are asking if this your invitation applies to them too.” He laughed. “ Yes, yes, I was going to call them so…ok, see you soon, Love you.” I was blushing even though I was talking with him on the phone!! “Love you, bye babe.” Great, the problem is solved. Boys are coming, but then I realized… “Rosie? Honey? Daniel is coming too?” I screamed from my room so she could hear me. “Yeah, But he is going to be late, he hope  he will make it.” Ok then. I just need to take shower and put on some nice clothes and well, lets wait for Caroline!

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