Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


22. Chapter 22.


Is 8 a.m in the morning, Harry´s phone woke me up. Something from management or whatever. He needs to be at 10 in some studio.  We are the only people in this flat, who are already awake, and we are enjoying it. We are both in the kitchen and trying to make some breakfast. Harry is standing by the cooker and I am behind him making toast. He is singing something. This all looks like a scene from family sitcom. He is so cute right now. Apparently he know how to cook, because this scrambled eggs are delicious. I am sitting on his knee now, we are feeding each other and I hit his nose instead of his mouth few times. Ops. We are having so much fun right now. “Marine, please, I am hungry, could you feed me properly?”I burst in laugh. “I am sorry, love.” Then I leaned so I could reached with face. In one hand I was holding fork and with other I touched his face and kissed him.” He kissed me back and smiled at me. “ I wish I could spend every morning with you, with scramled eggs on my shirt.” He winked at me and when he was going to took fork from my hand Zayn walked through Car´s bedroom. “Morning everybody!” He yawned and rise his hand above his head. “ Rough night, my friend?” Harry was smiling at him. “ “ You bet.” He smiled back and sat on a sofa. He looked like he didn’t sleep at all. “Cofee, Zayn?” I asked him, even though I knew the answer. “ Marine, please, that would be great.” I gave him cup, which Caroline got for her 12 bithday. There are 2 kittens on it. GOD! CAR´S BIRTHDAY. “ Harry, honey, what day is today?” “17. Of December.” “ FUCK!” “Marine, what it is?” Harry got suddenly scared. “ Caroline turns 19 today.” Zayn almost bursted coffe on a sofa. “Damn it, Fuck!” Caroline got awake right when Zayn put cup on the coffe table. “Morning morning” She was smiling but then she saw Zayn as he was putting his boots on. “Honey, I need to go, I have this thing, we need to be in a studio like… now! Right Harry?” Harry looked surprised but he jus went with it. “ Yeah Car, we are already late.” Then he looked at me a and whispered in my ear: “Sorry love, I´ll call you.” Then he joined Zayn and put his coat on too. Car furrowed her eyebrows: “No, No! Zayn but today …..” “Caroline, I am so sorry, I´ll call you right after that.” He interrupted her. “Well, ok baby, don’t be long, now kiss me please.” Then Zayn came to her and kissed her. Car stood up on her tiptoes so she could reached his face. “ I promised” Then Zayn smiled at her and caress Car´s cheek.. Harry was still in the living room, while Car and Zayn were already in a hallway. “I am sorry Marine, Zayn screwed up our idyll. Love you,see you soon.” “Love you, Harry.” Then we both smiled and he walked away. Then I heard, how door slammed. It was just me and Car now. “ God, I hate dating with the supertar.” We both laughed. “Marine?” Car asked me whileI  was doing the dishes. “ Zayn is a machine” “Car, I didn’t want it to know that, god.” I tried to look like I don´t care. But it is Caroline so… “ So machine..” I repeated her words. “Marine you are so dirty! You want to know about my sex life so don´t play it like you don’t care, you liar!” We both laughed. “ Wait what time is it?” I looked on the wall clocks. “ 9:15!”  “FUCK! I am late for school, fuck fuck fuck, this international business is killing me. Literally. Then she ran around our flat few times until she was ready to go. „ Bag, papers, books, phone: check, ok, love you honey, wish me luck“.She was int his high heels, so compared to her I look like a dwarf. Right after she left apartment  I reached for my phone and dialled Rosie:” Girl, we have a problem, I totally forgot about Car´s B-day.” Rosie answered: “Don´t worry, I have already planned all this. You just have to assured her, that in your apartment is no birthday party, ok? Whatever she asks you, just lie lie lie. I´ll call you later, ok honey? See ya.” Thank God for Rosie. She is a savior.

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