Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


20. Chapter 20.


Rosie´s POV:

“Well Daniel texted me, that he is in a town for a while and he wanted to see me and I agreed. I needed to see him, to be with him, to know what is different and what´s not. So we met in that coffe shop on Ashwin Street. I was being late like a half an hour and he wasn´t mad at me at all. When i saw his beautiful ginger hair and his eyes I suddenly forget about everything what happened. I remembered why i felt in love with him. I was so happy, i didn´t even know why. We were talking about weather, London, than he asked me about Petulia. I almost forgot how close we are. When i told him, that she is finally home from the hospital, his eyes sparkled. We were talking and talking, everything seemed normal, but suddenly he asked me about the cover of that tabloid. I just laughed and tried to be normal Rosie, Rosie without Niall. But I just can´t pretend and you know how bad actor am i, so i don´t know if he believed me the story about ,, nothing is really happened, we have just met, Niall is a great guy, but so as the rest of boys,....,, . After my terrible speach, he just smiled at me and said that he trust me no mater what. Then a little tear came down to my face i wiped the tear up and smiled at him back. And that´s it.“ God, I have no idea that Rosie was like this. Her little sister Petulia has a cancer and we don’t talk about it often. Then she continued: “Well and then I called Harry and asked him for Niall´s number. So he could tell me what happened actually that night.” Harry squeezed my hand more harder. “And then I called him, we were talking like for 3 hours. Niall assured me that nothing happened. That we were just talking about almost everything. However, he told me one thing. That right before my I passed out, I had told him that I was not sure if I live him. If I love Daniel. And that’s the stumbling block. Why on earth, I would have told him such a thing? I know I was drunk but still, I just can´t swallow that. And that´s all”

Rosie let herself obviously carry  away with this speech. Then Harry spoke up.”Rosie, I think that you are just thinking too much. When I am drunk, I do stupid things. Except  for Car, she is the best thing what has ever happened to me when I was drunk.” God, poor Rosie. I needed to say something. “I think that Zayn´s right, You love Daniel and he loves you, so even though you told Niall that thing, it doesn’t mean that you meant that in real. Rosie, you need to sleep it off.” “You´re right, thanks.” Then she slowly walked away from living room. Then she shouted from hallway: “ And don´t do nasty things!” We all laughed together. Well, neither Rosie´s  words did not prevent Car from kissing Zayn´s ear. Ok, I think I have enough. “You two, please leave this living room, immediately!” Harry laughed and addes: “Lovers, you heard her.” Then I realized that Caroline was going to order pizza. “ Car, you didn´t  call for pizza, did you?” Then she gave me her I am so so sorry- look, while Zayn was kissing her ear for change. “Great.” Right after that, Harry came to me and put his hands around my waist. “ Don´t worry, I think I have something better for you than pizza.” He could feel like my heart stopped beating for two seconds. “Ok, you two can stay, Marine wants to show me the rest of this flat.” Do I? Ok. Then I grabbed Harry´s hand and pulled him right into my badroom. “So the first room, Mister is my…” Then he interrupted my real estate-speech. His lips are on mine. His hands are moving slowly on my waist to my arms, so he could lift me in the air. “ I like this room, really really much.” He has never stopped  kissing me. And I have never stopped kissing him. “ I really like, how you called my your girl, even though it was because of that freaking pineapple. Oh I need to take a breath. After Harry heard my last sentence he stopped. “ Good to know, Call her my girl more often- check!” Then he continued where he stopped. 

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