Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


2. Chapter 2.


Chapter 2.

I hate clubs, all the lights and noise, and drunk people.  Although, with Car and Rosie, they are bearable. Especially this one, well I don´t even know its name. Car knows every club but she is so drunk now, that there´s no point in asking her. Alcohol helps her to deal with Manchester problem. „ I want some more shots, Rosie, come with me I don´t think I am able to speak to bartender right now.“ Rosie twisted her eyes and kissed Daniel on shoulder. „ I don´t  think you need any, Caroline“. In that moment Daniel stand up from his chair,squeezed Rosie´s hand and said: „ Car you deserve how many drinks you want, come on“. Car  bited her lip and went after Daniel. „Rosie, stop, it is hard for her so, whatever makes her happy, we should accept  it.“ I am little overcaring when it comes to Car.  „ But Marine, you dont see that this won´t make her happy? She is drunk even more and she will probably do something stupid, we know her, it´s drunk Caroline we are talking about.“ Said Rosie with little argumentative tone. „ Rosie look, I know you are protective, but she needs this, other people and so on, since she is with David, they did not come out from bedroom, so seeing other people it´s advantage. We both laughted. „You are right,“  Rosie admitted.  Than Caroline came with 4 shots, and Daniel helped her not to fall down. Oh Lord, she is really really drunk. „ Girls ... Cookie, I think this is gonna be a long night for us“ . I just love this Caroline. Daniel and Rosie kissed, Caroline took one shot after another, and I was just looking for some cute freshman, who could make this night more funnier.  There were nerds with glass of Fanta, not my type, than some mathematic club, drinking vodka in a corner. No one, Marine, there is no one  who suits you for this night. I am not looking for serious relationship. Not today, not anyday. Since I left my hometown, I promised myself not to fall in love with first guy who looks like hockeyplayer.  I don´t even want to drink. Why did I come here, anyway? Caroline wouldn´t even notice I am gone. While I was circling the top of the glass, some group of people shouted on one guy in the row next to bar. They didn´t  stop after he left the row and went outside. Then I realised that that group of people were mostly girls. Don´t tell me there is someone famous here. Ahhhg. Of course there is some celebrity. But in that light I couldn´t tell who it was. Maybe Robert Pattinson is again in London. God, I love him. Maybe he could make this night more funnier. As I was carried away with my thoughts, Caroline poked me with her finger right into my cheek.  „God, Car . What?“-I am not in the mood right now. „ Marine, you wont believe who is here.“ I really hate when she speak that slowly. „ I know Car, Robert Pattinson is here, I know honey“ I love ironic me. „ No silly, there are really cute guys, like musicians or something, I was just making out with someone of them. Oh, Car. „What? What guy? Car you did a terrible mistake.“ „His name is Zayn or something, he sang to my ear how beautiful I am.“ Naive Caroline – I love her. But at that moment, I realised, what name she had just said. Zayn? Like that Zayn from One Direction? „ Honey are you sure, is is Zayn?“ „Yes, boob, he and his friend Louis have just bought me a drink, isn´t it great?. No way, this is really unbelievable.

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