Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


19. Chapter 19.


While we were walking into my apartment , Harry was cursing, why I have to live on the top of this “freaking building”. He doesn’t like this staircase obviously. Right after we walked through the door, we heard laught. Right! Zayn is still here. While I was locking a door, Harry was already in living room. “Hey, guys!” He smiled at them like he had seen them after 5 years. “Hey!” They both responded unanimously.  “ We had no idea, you two will come so soon.”: Caroline stood up from Zayn´s lap and adjusted her sweatshirt. Harry laughed: “Well, we can go away if you want to…” I could see that Zayn and Harry had this imaginary conversation. Than Car intervened:” No, of course not,  we had just watched the last episode so…” Yeah, Car, you certainly did. Then she added: “ Well join us, we are about going to order pizza. Marine, that with pineapple?” “Eww, Marine, with pineapple? That’s disgusting!” Zayn obviously doesn’t like pineapple. Harry widen his eyes: “That´s my girl! Car, order 2 with pineapples for me and Marine!” I looked at him and kissed him on a cheek and whispered into his left ear: “That´s my boy!” He smiled at me so I did too. Car was sitting in  Zayn´s lap on a sofa and Harry sat next to them. I was sitting on the carpet under Harry. His fingers were touching my neck, and  from time to time he kissed me on my naked shoulder. I laughed because his curls tickled me. Caroline was talking, how we two first met when suddenly somebody opened the entrance door. “GIRLS, YOU WON´T BELIEVE WHAT HAS JUST HAPPENED!” That´s Rosie. I totally forgot she has  spare keys from our apartment. All we heard was like she was tooking of her coat and running to the livingroom. “Seriously girls, this is so…” Then she saw us four sitting on a sofa. “ … unbelievable.” She slowed her voice down, after she had noticed us. “Hello, Zayn? Harry? Caroline? Marine?, I was not expecting you two will have visitors in this late hour.” She was smiling all the time she was talking to us. Me and Car were smiling too. This is awkward. “Hey Rosie, so tell us, what is so unbelievable?” Zayn was freaking laughing while he was talking to her. “You know Zayn, maybe this is not the right time, I will text you later about it.” I love ironic Rosie.  I needed to save the situation. “Rosie, come on in, we are having ordered 4 boxes of pizza, so we will need your help.” She furrowed her eyes: “ Marine, I am stuffed, I was just with Daniel in restaurant.” “See? Cookie!  I didn´t hear about him lately.” Caroline never forget to make fun of him. Then Harry asked Rosie: “You two are still together?” He souned surprised. Wait, what had just Harry asked? Has it something to do with that night, when Niall and Rosie got drunk?  Rosie widen her blue eyes. “Of course we are together, we have never been apart.” Harry obviously noticed her tone. “No, no Rosie I am sorry if it sounded rude, I just thought you like Niall.” Rosie was still standing in the middle of our living room.  “Well, that´s what I was going to tell you about, CAROLINE, MARINE!” Then Car pulled her lips from Zayn´s and started to pay us an attention. “ I called him. I called Niall.” “Wait, what? Where did you get his number?” Car was surprised  and  thank god she paid us a little more attention like before, even though Zayn was still kissing her fingers. “ I got him from Harry.” She looked on him. Harry smiled at her and then at me. “Sorry gorgeous I did not tell you about it but I had promised her not to tell anyone.” Then I took his hand and kissed him. And then Rosie told us what had actually happened. 

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