Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


16. Chapter 16.


„He told me, he doesn´t want to ruin our friendship, but at the same time he doesn´t want to see me everyday when he can´t touch me. So I told him the same thing.“ Caroline looked on the floor and back. „I am so happy, so so happy and grateful for him. Even the one look at him makes me weak, you know? I think that what we´ve got is something big, bigger than with David. It´s like god sent him to me, so I could really know what love is. I am serious.“ Wow, this was really nice. It is real. Carolinie and Zayn, dear lord. I think that this whole month is crazy. What is happening since that freshmen party is insane. „And what about that beanie?“- Rosie still wanted to know.  Car smiled at her: „Well,  I was so shocked what he had said to me, so I took his beanie and put on my head instead. Weird but, that was the only thing what came up in my mind. Then I told him that everything happend so quickly and I don´t want to be without him either. Well and after that he kissed me. And then I forgot I was still wearing his beanie. That´s all, actually I ....“ Then she stood up and went for her bag. She pull Zayn´s beanie off it.  „.... have it since than.“ Aww, she is really happy. Whole world can see it. Then her phone rang. Me and Rosie looked at each other, and had this imaginary conversation. Then Rosie said: „Go get it, It is probably Zayn.“ She smiled at us, like she was a puppy and we allowed her to play with ball. So cute. Caroline stood up and run into kitchen board to took her iPhone. „Yes, I am already  home sweetie...“ Yep, we were right, it was Zayn. Then she went to her bedroom with the phone sticked to her ear.  So It is me and Rosie.now. „I think I am going to take a shower...“ „Well well, Marine you are not. You don´t fool me, honey. Harry Styles, really?“ „Rosie, really, I know.I know that things will get complicated and everything. He is a star and I am maybe a rock on the moon.“ We both laughed. „But in spite of everything I can´t help myself. Have you ever noticed his dimples? And his beautiful beautiful green eyes? And his kind and caring character? And how sweet he looks when he can´t turned everything into joke?“ Rosie has apparently noticed that I wouldn´t stop with my oh he is incredible- list. „Marine, Marine, I am not judging you at all. Just the opposite, I am happy for you. Finally, there will be some normal couple around. Are you a cuple, aren´t you?“ Wait, I don´t know. Are we? I have no idea, if is Harry taking me as his girl. I am not even sure, if he´s not dating with somebody. God. „Well, I don´t know? Rosie, God, I don´t know, we have never been out  actually.“ „Marine, that´s cool, me and Daniel have  never actually said, would you be my girlfriend. It just came naturally.“ She smiled at me. Then she looked on her Rolex: „God, I am late for that lecture. FUCK! Marine, honey I gotta go. I am sorry.“ She was in our hallway already taking her coat. „ Call him, really, as a friend to friend call him!“ Then she knocked the door off and disappeared. I took a long bath. These few hours were overwhelming. Then I washed my hair, then brushed my teeth, then curl my hair, then... I was just extending the moment , when I don´t have to call Harry, so he could tell me that this is not actually real for him. Knock knock! „Marine, your phone, somebody is calling you, an unknown number. Oh. I gave Harry my number and right when he was going to give me his, he ehm, well he kissed me, I totally forgot about it. God, I hope It´s him. Then I opened bathroom door and Car gave me my phone. I pulled that green button. „Hello?“ „Thank God you finally picked up that phone, gorgeous.“  It was Harry!

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