Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


15. Chapter 15.


Chapter 15

When we finally got to our apartment, Caroline immediately dialed Zayn´s number. „Car, sit down, and give me that phone.“ Rosie was angry. „Girls? SIT!“ She pointed at our sofa. Me and Car looked at each other and nodded. „Caroline, Marine, please please tell me what happened yesterday?!“ I have a big big black out. Car smiled at Rosie and has started: „Well you have to tell us first what you do remember.“ Then Rosie started with her monologue.

Rosie:„Well I don´t remeber everything from that night but there are some unforgettable moments... I think I did some stupid things, I mean not so totally stupid, partly stupid, okay, maybe these things were not totally stupid, I don´t know. First thing I remember is, how paparazzi took a picture of us, then we got into Louis´s apartment. I was talking to Zayn first, about Car and David. He said that he feels sorry for David, cause he seems like a really nice guy. Than Niall came to us and took my hand, i didn´t really know where he is taking me but i didn´t objected, I wasn´t even thinking what would Daniel think. God, I am so ashamed. Then we were.... No! I mean firstly, we sit on a carpet and Niall bring a bottle of really expensive irish whisky, and you know girls how much i loove, irish whisky. But unfortunately, you weren´t there so, there wasn´t anyone to stop me drinking and doing unexpectable things. Then we were talking and talking and drinking and drinking. I don´t remember topics of our conversation actually. It is weird, i hope i didn´t say anything important or stupid or important stupid. Fuck!  Everything is so blur. After we had drunk a half of the bottle, he came closer and closer. I remeber how close our lips were, and how slowly he was breathing.  The next thing I remember is how i woke up in Harry´s bed wearing Niall´s grey hoodie. Which is strangely weird combination. And that´s it. That is all I can remember. Guys, I don´t know what to think or what to do, or how should I tell Daniel about it. But I don´t even know what that ,,it,, is. Daniel is texting me all day and you do know I love him, so much, but after today or yesterday or what time it is... . What should i do? Should I ask Niall about the other night? Or what if he doesn´t remember either. What if I was so drunk that, everything what I just said  have never happened. But what if we really kissed. What if i told him my secrets, my desires, my sorrows? I am at a dead end.“

„First of all, you could tell us we would have wanted to make a bowl of popcorn. And second of all: Wohoo, Rosie. I take a bow infront of you. I have never seen you drinking  as much as you were drinking  yesterday. Niall is supercute, so I am not surprised you like him. And obviously he likes you too. Maybe he likes you much more than you him. So please do not hurt him, or anything. Zayn said that Niall has not been around girls these days. Despite all these factors, I think you should get him.“ „Caroline!!! I am with Daniel, if you forgot!“ She screamed at Car, but at same time she was blushing. „ Rosie, look“ I crossed my legs. „In my opinion, Niall doesn´t look like someone who would hit on a girl with boyfriend, so according to yesterday I think that nothing happend. And  that hoodie thing. Niall said you were cold, so he gave it to you. See? Be calm.“ Rosie has still worried: „Marine, but Daniel is still calling me and I dont know what to say to him. Sorry, babe,I was with One direciton all night, and by the way I am on the cover of some tabloid with Niall“ Ok, she had some point. „Look Rosie, If you are so scared I could ask Harry if Niall didn´t say anything to him about last night.“  „And that´s another unexplained aspect.“ Rosie winked at me. „YES, MARINE, TELL US WHAT HAPPENED!“ Car said it like she know exactly what happend. „ Caroline, honey, I think it´s your turn to tell us about yesterday. And hon? It would be cool if you begin with that mysterious backstage thing, after which you came from with Zayn´s beanie.“ Me and Rosie laughed together. Car gave us her  you are lame – look and started telling her story.

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