Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


14. Chapter 14.


Chapter 14.

When Harry reached for my hand he hit the cup of tea by accident.  We were all covered in green tea. That tee wasn´t hot now, then I realised ho long I am lying here with here. Talking and kissing. „God, Marine I am so so sorry.“  I kissed him to shut him up. „That´s ok, I love green tee, if you just gave me a new shirt or something.“ He smiled a tme: „Follow me!“ We stand up and sneak into his bedroom. Rosie was there, lying in Niall´s hoodie. When we came there, Niall immediatelly woke up: She said she was cold, so I gave her my hoodie.“ He was the just in his white collar shirt. Harry was standing in front of his wardrobe. He threw one of his sweatshirts to him: „Niall, catch!“ „Thanks Harry!“ Then Harry grabbed one of his shirts and we went away. „Here you are, my favourite shirt on my favourite Marine.“ Then he gave me a light kiss and went to clean up that mess. I put that shirt on and the old one left in the bathroom. God, I smell like him. I am in his flat, in his shirt. It is like a heaven. I hope I never wake up. Then I went to the living room so I could help Harry with cleaning. Then I realised that everything was cleaned up. „You look absolutely amazing, God I have never noticed how good must I look  in this shirt!“ Then he pulled me back to him, so we were sticked together again. Then we were talking about his family, then about mine, about my school and about his future in the band, then about our favourite dishes, colours, movies. Until we both fell asleep. It was about 5 a.m. when I woke up. Where am I? God, who is next to m... OH! That´s Harry. Then I finally understood what happend. And I got happier. Harry was sleeping like a baby, on his stomach, so his face was turned to mine. I didn´t see his eyes, cause he was covered in his own curls. I could see his tatoos on his hand. He is so sexy right now. Who am I kidding, he is sexy all the time. I need a glass of water. I stood up and went to kitchen. When I was standing there, Liam came out of nowhere. „Marine?“ Oh fuck!I am in Harry´s shirt. „Hey,Liam I know how it looks like but..“ „Stop right there, I don´t judge, at all, it´s your and...“ Then he looked on the sofa and added: „Your and Harry´s thing.“ I smiled at him, I didn´t want to continue with explaining. „Right you and Harry, I thought so. He was talking about you to Liam all the time.“ Really, he was? My sweet Harry. „Well I came here because I forgot my keys here.“ Then he took a bunch of keys from the kitchen board. „Good night, for you two, well – then he looked outside- good morning for you two.“ Then he smiled at me and went away. I was cold so I jumped on the sofa and quickly covered myself with a blanket. Harry was still sleeping. Good. Then I closed my eyes. And then woke up after 4 hours. It was a sunny day. I woke up on the noise. Caroline and Zayn were in the kitchen, probably making a tea, Rosie came out from bathroom, she looked great now, Niall was playing on his guitar and Harry was still next to me. Thank God. I smiled at him. „Good morning.“ He smiled at me back. Aww I don´t think I´ll get used to his adorable smile. „Guys, my lecture starts at 11. I need to leave.“ Said Rosie. She was still wearing Niall´s hoodie. She was probably expecting we joined her. „Girls, Can we please go?“ Harry looked at me, like don´t you dare to leave. But Rosie is friend. „Well ok then, Car, we are going too.“ Then I stood up from sofa and went to drink some tee. „Zayn, I´ll call you right after we come home, ok?“ Zayn looked sad. „Ok Car, I miss you already. Then he hugged her and kissed her on her hair. Then I realised Harry was right behind me. „Well, be careful, you don´t want to be covered in tee, do you?“ He put his hands around my waist. I turned  so I could faced him. „Of course I don´t.“ I smiled. Then he kissed me on my nose and said: „ I call you, so don´t you dare not to pick it up!“ He smiled at me. Then I was looking for something in the bottom of the kitchen cabinet. He lower himself too, so I could kiss him and no one had noticed. Then we stand up, and I took my bag, and my stained shirt from that tea accident. Car was kissing Zayn´s neck, and Rosie was giving her hoodie back to Niall: „ I owe you, Niall, thank you.“ She smiled at him and kiss him on a cheek.  It was a friend kiss, but Niall was so happy, that he did not stop smiling after we went through the door. Harry went to see us off. Car and Rosie have already got into the taxi. Then Harry pulled me closer to him. „Thank you for yesterday. And today!“ then he squeezed my hand. „ You can thank me today, I ´ll call you. Bye Harry.“ „Bye Marine.“ We both smiled. So now here we are , 3 girls who spent the night with One Direction , of course not litteraly.  „What has just happened girls ?“ Rosie spoke like first.

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