Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


13. Chapter 13.


Chapter 13.

When Caroline noticed Harry and me walking away from him she immediately apoligised. „You were with Harry right now? I am so so sorry love, I had no clue.“ „Yes I was with him Car, what is so important that you called me my name three times?" I am really pissed off. „ It is just Zayn told me, about  you and Harry.“ Wait what wait. „What about me and Harry?“ „That he has a crush on you!“ Oh my god. Harry told Zayn that he has a crush on me? He wouldn´t lie to Zayn, I am pretty sure. My heart is beating really quickly and I swear I am blushing so I look like tomato for sure. While we were talking Niall came to us. „Girls? I am sorry for interuppting you but I think Rosie feel not so good, we have just drunk the half bottle of Irish Whiskey. Rosie doesn´t drink very often. But when she do.. Oh lord.  Niall looked sad. „That´s my fault, I am so sorry, I wasn´t thinking, I was drinking so was she. And I would handle even the whole bottle. „Niall stop it, Rosie needs to sleep it out.“ I made him sure she will be ok. Then Niall took us to the bedroom. Who knows whose badroom is this. Rosie was lying in the middle of the bad. „Marine, Car, I love you girls, Niall I love them!“ Then Niall came to her and caressed her hair.“ I know Rosie, you are in Harry´s bed, and you are going to take some rest, ok?“ So we were in Harry´s room.  We both looked at Niall. „It´s ok, I asked Harry already and he said she should stay here, and sober up.“ God, Harry is so caring. Then Niall covered her with blanket and turned the lights off. When we walked through that door, Harry was standing righ there. Niall and Car left us, and went to the kitchen. Right before that Caroline winked at me. H: „I hope it is ok, that Rosie spends night here.“  „More than ok, thank you Harry.“ I smiled at him. We both knew this is not the thing we wanted to talk about. „So, I assume you spend night here too. Zayn is already making bad for Caroline, and I hope you would stay too.“ Oh no. Well oh YES! „Well, I think you don´t take no for an answer. He smiled at me: „No, I don´t.“ Then Louis and Eleanor went to Louis´s bedroom.  Zayn took Car in guest room. Niall said he could sleep in Harry´s room. On his sofa, just in case Rosie got sick or she would need something. Then I assumed that living room is  probably left for me and Harry.  I asked Harry if I can use bathroom. „Of course Marine, I hope you like cheese toast, I am making a breakfast-dinner for us. He was in the kitchen in his white shirt, he was moving there like a chef. „I love them!“ Then I came to the bathroom. GOD. GOD. Marine, you can do this. I washed my face with cold water. Then I made a ponytail and went in the living room. When I got there, toast were lying on the table right next to cups of hot tee. Harry was in this black arm chair, covered in red blanket with christmas patterns. He was so cute. I slowly laid on the sofa and took one toast. They were delicious. „You are really talented“ – I said it with the full mouth. „ I know, and you don´t even know how can I sing!“ We both laughed. Then he gently continued where we stopped like a 30 minutes ago. „You are so sweet, even when you are eatting..“  „Harry.." when I was finally going to say something he stood up, and came to me. Then he touched my knees, so our faces were close like for 3 cm. Then he took my hand and took that toast from it. He put it back on plate. After that he took both my hands. „I hope you are not going to talk how good these toast are.“ I looked him in the eyes and said: „No, that wasn´t not my plan. I was going to say how adorable you are right now.“ Then he smiled at me: „Thank God!“ After that he looked down  and then at me. „So I am adorable,right?“ Then he took that toast and put into his mouth. He looked like a really hungry 5- years old boy. He made this monkey face. He was apparently going to prove me that adorable is really strong word. „Still adorable.“ He ate the last piece.Then he smiled at me: „Ok then!“ After that he took his hand off my knees and turned back to his armchair. While he was going back there, he quickly turned back to me, hugged me so hard so we fell on the sofa. Again today. Then with no words, no comments he kissed me. He was still kissing me, until I laughed a little. Then he stopped and looked at me : „What´s so funny young lady?“ „Your curls, they  are tickling me.“ „You should get used to it.“ Then we kissed again. „If it means, that we will be doing this more often, it´s no problem for me.“ Then he smiled and continued with proving me, how adorable he is. 

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