Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


12. Chapter 12.


Chapter 12.

I am lying on the leather sofa. Car is sitting on Zayn´s knee and playing with his hand. Like she is writing with her finger something on Zayn´s hand.And he clearly enjoys it. Liam is sitting on the carpet and playing with his iPad,I assume he is on twitter. Liam is really nice person. Louis and Eleanore are feeding each other with popcorn. So sweet. Ouch. One popcorn has just landed on my hair. „Thanks Louis!“ He and Eleanor laughed. Niall and Rosie are apparently talking about Ireland, that´s probably because her aunt lives in Dublin. Rosie loves Ireland, and ginger people. And Daniel. I see everyone but one person is missing. After that I felt someone´s legs on my lap. Harry´s legs. He was lying like I wasn´t even on a sofa. „Marine, you aren´t  apparently having a good time, you need to cheer up!“ Than he took my hand and pulled us in the middle of their living room. „Liam, hit it!“ Liam smiled and listened to him. Liam turned on the music: Live while we´re young. Then Harry took bananna from the bowl full of fruits and pretened that was a mike. He was singing Zayn´s part. He is so funny right now. Zayn noticed what was Harry doing. „Dude, I am better in this.“ Then Zayn took Caroline and pulled her closer to his body. Then he put his hands around her waist and lifted her in the air. They were laughing as kids. When Harry saw them, he clearly took this as a challenge. Like a couple dance battle. I could see this spark in his eyes. He nodded and pointed his finger at me, like I have to come closer. Then he whispered: „ Follow my lead, Marine!“ I am not sure if he knows I am not a good dancer. I am not a dancer at all. Then he pulled me closer to him, there was no gap between our bodies. „ Close your eyes.“ „ok?“ I hasitated, but also agreed. He threw me over his shoulder. God, I have never been THIS close to him. Ever! Then he ran to the sofa and threw us there. After that he stood up and did that gymnastic pose. Like he had just done some super-athletic-gymnastic number. Everyone was laughing and I was still lying on the sofa and thinking what has just happened. I assume Harry noticed it and ran immediately to me. He sat on the floor and touched me. „Marine, did I hurt you? Are you ok?“ Oh,  boy  has remorses! After he had almost killed us, he was worried about me. „Well Harry, lets see how you handle THIS!“ In that moment I threw myself on him and tickled him until he was lying on that sofa. „Marine stop it, please I am so ticklish!stop!“ „I will stop, I just wanted you to know what it looks like when you throw me on your shoulder and then almost kill us!“ The music wasn´t playing like for ten minutes now and then I realised I am lying on Harry Styles. He was smiling at me, because he had noticed my face expression.  It would be funny, If now came the paparazzi and made a photo of two of us. Then I climbed off his body and smiled at him. He gave me smile back. I went nearby the bathroom and Harry followed me. I wasn´t going to wash my hands or something I just knew he would go after me. Somewhere, with no people around.  „ I am sorry, I think I have overdo it, I am scared of heights Harry and when you lifted me I just had to find a proper revenge.“ He laughed. „You are so sweet Marine,  you know it?“ Aww, he did not just say that. Then he took his hand , enclosed it to my cheek, then slowly moved his finger to my hair and pull one popcorn out of my messy hair. He laughed and threw that popcorn on the floor. M:„Thank you for that popcorn, You are sweeter.“ He smiled at me and made one step closer to me. His look was so intensive. God. He is going to.... „MARINE, MARINE, I need to talk to you, Marine!“ Caroline you did not just...  I have immediately turn myself  and walk out that room. Harry was still standing there, like a statue. He leaned himself against the wall, like he wait for me, when I came back. Caroline I am going to kill you! I hope whatever it is, it´s worth it. No, Am I crazy? Nothing is better then hot, adorable, curly Harry Styles waiting for me to kiss me.

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