Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


11. Chapter 11.


Chapter 11.

It´s just me or has just Harry Styles invited me in his and Louis´s place? Marine, breath! I know you are about to fall down on the dance floor, but don´t! This is the most exciting thing what ever happend to me. Harry. Harry. Harry!

When it was about 3 a.m. Louis came to me. „Marine, take your stuff and let´s go to my place. And I know I know you can´t wait to see the whole band in our manly crib. You are right, I can´t wait to see Harry. To be honest, I could watch Harry Styles all day. And to be totally honest, he doesn´t have to wear a shirt. Just saying. Then I grabbed Rosie, took her hand and tryied to walk through the main exit.  Then Louis grabbed me and took us all along the dancefloor, so we could leave the club by staff entrance. Smart. Outside, there were Zayn with Caroline hugging, he was probably whispering something to her ear, they didn´t even noticed us, then there was Eleanore and Harry. She was shivering  from cold and harry was stepping from foot to another. And right in front of us were Liam and Niall. They were dancing or something. Then I realised we have never officialy met. Probably, Louis was thinking about the same thing: „Liam, Niall,  Lads, this is Marine and Rosie!“  „Hey, Marine and Rosie“-Liam looks really nice and sweet, he wasn´t apparently drinking too much. Niall smiled with this adorable look on his face, like he was happy to see us.“Marine and Rosie, hello, nice to me you finally.“ Then he came closer to shake our hands. As he was holding Rosie´s hand, paparazzi came out of nowhere, and all I could see were camara´s flash. Like some thunder storm had just hit the city. „Niall, is this your girfriend?“ „Niall, who is this?“ „Niall!NIall!“ Then came a big black car and we immediately got in. This all happend so quickly, that I didn´t realised I was sitting next to Harry. Car and Zayn were next to me  and Zayn was calming her down. This has never happened to me before. Ever! How can these boy live like this? It is repulsive! Rosie will be Niall´s , so called girlfriend  now.  God, Harry´s hand has just reached for my knee. „Are you ok?“ he said it with his caring and nice and sweet tone. I swear like his eyes were caressing my face. „ Yes, I am ok, don´t worry about me.“ I smiled at him. God, You can handle this Marine. „Are you ok? Your flu and fever and everything?“ Nobody in car is listening to us. Car and Zayn are deeply examinating their own throats, Louis is talking to Eleanore, she looks little scared and Rosie and Niall are laughing together, I assume it is about tomorrow´s  newspaper article. „ I feel good, really, like I am not ill at all, it looks like all went away on that stage.“  „Then I am glad.“ I smiled and he joined me. Then Louis s shouted: „Guys,we are here.“ He opened the car door. „Is this some private  garage  or...?“ Rosie looked  surprised. „Yeah, kind of“- said Niall and winked at her. After that we went through two hallways. Harry was walking behind me. Then I felt like he stole my beanie and put it on his head. I turned around and gave him my funny-angry look. He laughed loudly. After few staircases, and elevators we were finally there. IT. WAS. ENORMOUS. There were this giant windows all around us and the big box in the middle. I asked Harry: „What´s that?“ „I hope, no dead doorman“- Rosie´s joke sound like it was not ajoke at all. „That´s our christmas tree, right Louis?“ „Well yeah, it was a gift from my mum and we had no time to unpacked it and put it together.“ Harry looked at him: „What Louis? You mean YOU had no time, I was going to do it, but he was too lazy to help me. So. It lies on the carpet since than.“ Boys laughed together. Even when they are laughing, it sound like a god´symphony.

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