Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


10. Chapter 10.


Chapter 10.

God, He is right next to me. In his the most sexiest shirt and denim jacket.  Seeing his birds on his chest isn´t helping. All I want to do,   is pull him closer and breath his scent. Dear Lord, I need to stay focused. No distraction. I dedicated this night to Caroline and Zayn. But, when I see Harry playing with his hair, nervous, I can´t help myself. „Ready for the show?“ I smiled at him, so glad that i didn´t tell any of my thoughts out loud.  He shook his head as no. And looked down on the floor. „How come?“ „I have a fever, and sore throat. I hope I can make this.“ Then I realised what happened a day ago. I quickly raised my hands, and put them on my mouth „It is my fault, you are ill because of me!“ „Marine, stop it, it is not your fault“ He smiled at me like no one else before. But still. God, I screwed this up. When I look at Harry one more time, I can see how pale he is, his nose is red as Bambi´s, and his eyes are red like he was crying all day. He coughed loudly. „ I hope I will not infect you.“ He was trying to lift my mood, after he saw how I shivered while he was caughing his lungs up. „ Harry you need to go to backstage, you are up in ten minutes!“ said man in cap holding a mike. „ Ok, I´ll be there , give me one second!Marine? again i tis not your fault, enjoy the music and me!“ He smiled at me and his dimples got me on my knees. After that, he disppeared in crowd. When I was trying to get nearby the stage, I saw Caroline. With Zayn´s beanie,leaning over safety columns in first line. God! Damnit! Our plan is working. I gave Louis  an imaginary up top. She looks really happy. The lights went off. The acustic guitar is quietly playing familiar sound. It´s Little Things. Zayn´ part! Zayn´ part! As he sang the first 3 words, Caroline gave him her biggest smile. Then she looked on the floor and took a deep breath. She didn´t take her eyes of him after that. Harry was sitting on this high chair, holding mike in his hands. I was nervous, my stomach was tight. But as soon as he started to sing, the crisis was over. His voice makes me weak everytime.  The song after song, I became to feel like I don´t want to lose this. Seeing band together, being in the first line. I don´t want to lose Louis. My sweet sweet Louis. And I don´t want to live in a world, with no Harry in it. When the show was over, Caroline came to me. „ Thank you Marine, thank you for Zayn and everything.“  I think I have an idea what happend in backstage. „ He kissed me Marine, and made sure I won´t be hurt again. He said he would gave me a space If I wanted to. But I don´t. He is the brightest thing, what happend to me in last few months.“ She looked really happy. I am so glad. I have to say this to Louis. While I was searching him between milions of girls, the most wanted person appeared in front of me. „Marine, we are having a personal afterparty at mine and Loui´s  apartment. You should definitely come!“ I didn´t hear a single world so he repeated it once again. But I didn´t understand either. He smiled and then put his hands on my cheek, so he could whisper it right into my ear. God, I am shivering. He must feel it, cause right after his touch I little jump in the air. „Marine, tonight, mine and Loui´s apartment, little party, no comments are required!“ „ Well ok. But under  one condition, you have to promised me you will be there covered in blanket, and dringing hot tee.“ He smiled a tme with his adorable look on his face. „Deal, Car and your friend Rosie? Are welcomed too. Especially Caroline. She is really welcomed.“ Then he pointed his finger begind us. „Look, He is probably telling, how welcome she is.“ Then I saw Caroline and Zayn kissing. Oh. There we are. Harry laughed and I joined him. Right after that, Louis came to me and gave me five. „You and me are the best!“ Apparently he also noticed that under 18- scene behind us. 

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