Our Story

Our story is about three best friends Marine, Caroline and Rosie, who fall in love with members of One Direciton. These chapters are aimed to my real best friends and our obsession with 1D:) I am not a british, but I am trying to be precise.

I hope someone really read this:)


9. Chaoter 9.


Chapter 9.

This mornig is horrible. I am making pancakes for my beloved Caroline but she is playing with hem, creating some weird castles or something. She looks awful. Somehow I made her to have a shower, to put some clean clothes on and make miracle with her hair. She told me yesterday, that she has no school today. „Car, what if I tell you I have really good plan for tonight.“ „I don´t think, it will be better then sitting in front of tv and drinking the whole bottle of wine. Red. Red wine.“ „ One Direction in Docklands, tonight at 9 p.m, you, me, Rosie!“ She doesn´t look pleased. „Boob, I don´t know, it is not probably a good idea... Then I shouted out: „ZAYN will be there Caroline!“ She bit her lip.  Yep! That´s a good sign. She is considerating it. „ Marine, what are you trying to do?“ She was smiling. „ Of course Zayn will be there, silly.“ After 5 minutes she added: „Marine I have nothing to wear tonight, anyway.“ I shaked my head with a bug smile. „Car? You´re back, welcome on the board !“ She laughed and I joined her.  She said she had nothing to wear. OMG. Her closet is the biggest closer ever. Right after Rosie´s. She will come at 1 p.m. After her huge row with Danies, she is glad she can spend some quality time with friends. Just kidding, choosing Caroline´s outfit for tonight is definitely not a quality time. After milion diffrent dresses and blazers and skirts she has choose one.  Black skiny jeans, grey top and long checked shirt, and leather jacket. She looks perfect. Rosie came around 2 p.m. She apologised for being late, she was with Daniel so apparently they are again in ther honeymoon phase.  My phone is ringing. According to a Grease song I immediately recognised the caller. Louis. „Hey gorgeous, our rehearsal starts at 5. So be there around 6  or 7 p.m. I hope Caroline is comming too, because I told Zayn this morning to put on his best beanie.“ „Louis, I love our collaboration.“ He laughed. „ See you Brother.“ „Bye sister!“ Then we both hang up. Everything is going according to our plan. I just really think that Zayn and Car should talk about that whole problem, try to act like grown ups. And morover they look cute together. I think this is going to work out. In this whole rush, I did not realised that I meet Harry too. What? It is 4 o´ clock already? Keep calm Marine and Harry on.Fuck. And carry on. I feel butterflies in my stomach. Already! What am I going to do there! Well I think it´s time to admit something. Harry Styles is so fucking adorable! I know that´s a shock! Alright, back to the party preparations. I am wearing short green skirt with  black polka dots, black top and brown blazer. I do not feel as sexy as Car but at least I choose this in one minute. My hair is in a pony tale, so it won´t be a problem when I dance. I will dance.I really like their songs. Boys are incredibly talented. Ok, we are ready, so let´s get killed!

The club is noisy, and crowded. Caroline and Rosie are behind me, while I am looking for Louis. Well there he is! He is talking to a really lovely girl. Wait! It must be Eleanore. Ooh, they are cute. Louis immediately stood up and waved at us. As we were coming closer to him, someone´s hand reached out  for mine. It was... Oh, It was Zayn. When I turned back he smiled: „Hey, girls!“ I saw Caroline´s face. She was shinning. Literally. „ Car can I talk to you for minute?“ She was surprised. „Well, of course.“ Then he took her hand into his, and they walked away to backstage. God, I though it would be another 1D member at first.  I am really disappointed. Me and Rosie continued to walk to Louis table. Louis introduced us with Eleanore. She is a really sweet girl. Damn! I am still pissed that it was not my curly friend´s hand. „Rosie I need to drink!“ The bar was full of One direction fans, basically there are only girls!. As I was deep in my thoughts, someone turned my revolving chair in another direction. „There you are!“ Harry´s  smile was impossible to ignore. My heart stopped. „Here I am!“ and I smiled at him back.

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