A cry for help

I don’t think anyone really realizes the actual effect of words on people. Yes, they can be nice and complimenting but they are not always… they can be spiteful and bring someone down. Bullying is key in our society. Whether we fit in or out you are most likely to be involved in bullying of some sort be it: cyber-bullying, physically or mentally. It still has the same negative effect.


5. You....


Back to the sole purpose, I just want everyone who reads this [even if only a few] to think before they make a remark or put someone down or if you’re in that position know that there are ways out. It will get better, it will move on. You will get better and happier, do whatever makes you happy. Don’t worry about what everyone else thinks. Keep your head up and smile; it kills the enemies… the bullies… the people who just put you down. You are amazing, be yourself! 

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