A cry for help

I don’t think anyone really realizes the actual effect of words on people. Yes, they can be nice and complimenting but they are not always… they can be spiteful and bring someone down. Bullying is key in our society. Whether we fit in or out you are most likely to be involved in bullying of some sort be it: cyber-bullying, physically or mentally. It still has the same negative effect.


2. Our society...


Now, back to bullying, like I said it is not enjoyable for the victim and in most scenarios the bully has previously been bullied or just is not happy within them, so by inflicting pain mentally or physically on another they believe it will swift from them. They are so wrong. You see in our society, you have groups like everywhere else. You have the ‘popular’s’ who believe they are much better than everyone else or in some cases they may be it depends on the person. You have the ‘outcasts’ who are most probably just normally people but don’t follow certain trends like the others. Who does that leave? Well I know for certain I do not see myself in either of these groups, I mean why would I want to? I am no ways popular in my eyes nor am I an outcast I have a social life, I follow my own trends and I have my own set of friends and yes they are a mix. But what does that leave me as? Normal? Maybe, but honestly everyone is I detest stereotypes with vengeance literally. They are disgraceful and undermining, I cannot speak for everyone of course. We are all initialed to our very own unique opinion even if some disagree or voice is not heard at all. Stereotypes are a key area for bullying as people who believe they are superior are more likely to pick on people of lower status to make one feel better.  According to bullying statistics 2010, there are about 2.7 million students being bullied each year by about 2.1 students taking on the role of the bully.  2.7 million? Jesus Christ… Bullying will happen in most every step of your life there is no point denying it; you can either stop it or encourage it. Through school it can be brutal and due in your workplace as well, I am not saying I have first-hand experience but it can make people do stupid things…. Regretful things! I do not think many people realize what it can actually do. Self-harming? Over-dose? Any of these ring any bells well they should… these can be serious consequences of bullying. So you can call it attention seeking all you want but what would you do if you were put in that position? Put yourself in their shoes please, imagine it. 

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