A cry for help

I don’t think anyone really realizes the actual effect of words on people. Yes, they can be nice and complimenting but they are not always… they can be spiteful and bring someone down. Bullying is key in our society. Whether we fit in or out you are most likely to be involved in bullying of some sort be it: cyber-bullying, physically or mentally. It still has the same negative effect.


3. It can change...


Self-harming and over-dose can be a way out for people with far too much on their plate; it can cause people to break down, to lose themselves and what they once held close. Attention seeking? Maybe or just a simple and plain cry for help may be they need some to hear them out and give them a break once in a while. Maybe all they need is just someone who will sit and wait for them until they are ready to talk and the person will listen talking only when necessary with words of encouragement. They can hide it so well underneath all those false smiles and “I’m okay” they could be breaking down further and further into themselves. I can’t tell you everyone who does this, I can’t tell you one day it will be completely different all I want to do is just show you that yeah your life can get difficult it can suck like a b*tch at times. I know… but hey it can get better as well. Sometimes, you need help to get over the rough patches I mean that’s what friends are for they will always be there for you 24/7 if they are true friends. What if someone has no-one to talk to, it may sound stupid, hell you may all ignore and say I’m attention seeking but I’m not I want people to think before they start rumors before they ruin someone’s day because sometimes that one sly comment can be it… can end it. The next thing you know, your newspapers will be filled with articles upon articles of a sickening case of suicide or something of the sort. You may wash it off, but it happens. You could have caused that or on the other hand you could be the one to be on that edge… please, please listen to this if anything… YOU ARE AMAZING, IT WILL GET BETTER! I SWEAR ON MY LIFE…. YOU JUST NEED TO STAY STRONG AND OPEN UP TO PEOPLE YOU CAN TRUST OR FIND SOMEONE WHO WILL JUST PLAN AND SIMPLE LISTEN TO YOU. EVEN IF YOU DO NOT KNOW ME I WILL LEND MY EAR AND LISTEN… I WILL TRY TO HELP. THAT’S WHO I AM… It’s my strength and weakness wrapped up in one swift motion. I care too much but sometimes some needs to, someone needs to be there. I know people who have self-harmed they are the most amazing people I have met. They will hopefully read this and know who they are but honestly they got better, they got through that battle and won.  They really didn't deserve it, I mean I was shocked to find out they did but I tried to help, I was a shoulder to cry on, I hope I helped them stay strong and get them through the rough time. Yeah they seem so much better now and I am so relived. Two of them have the prefect relationships and seem happy, but everyone has rough times I guess and I try to help like always… I guess I can’t stand to see people sad. The other well how can say this, she is amazing and I've grown so close to her it’s great, she’s opened my eyes to so much more music and a boy is in love with her but she seems in denial.. shh! 

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