A cry for help

I don’t think anyone really realizes the actual effect of words on people. Yes, they can be nice and complimenting but they are not always… they can be spiteful and bring someone down. Bullying is key in our society. Whether we fit in or out you are most likely to be involved in bullying of some sort be it: cyber-bullying, physically or mentally. It still has the same negative effect.


4. Improvement...


These are some examples, I know others that have and on at the moment. It’s horrifying almost to see her fall into that state where she believes she is useless and self-harms. Yeah, I say she’s a brat but there isn't anything I would do for that girl. She’s exactly like me… she hides it and won’t tell you even if you push and sometimes I wish she was easier to talk to but hey she knows I’m here. Even if she never opens up but I'm like her exactly, acting strong and trying to act normal. 

Now, at three my parents broke up causing my dad severe depression and anxiety... it has lasted until this year when he finally received his break and now is fully... well nearly recovered. He has finally realized I am at the age I can talk to him and understand, he is now more open than he has ever been and it's great. I love it honestly, I like to share it! After twelve years, he is back on his feet. 2013 is our year together, in which he plans to make his life the life he has always wanted with me in it all the way. So, here it is more hope to show you all that yes it is possible, you just need to get through the hard and tough times, there is always better times along the path! Even after twelve years, my dad found hope.

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