A cry for help

I don’t think anyone really realizes the actual effect of words on people. Yes, they can be nice and complimenting but they are not always… they can be spiteful and bring someone down. Bullying is key in our society. Whether we fit in or out you are most likely to be involved in bullying of some sort be it: cyber-bullying, physically or mentally. It still has the same negative effect.


6. Here it is....

Here it is, the last chapter. To people who have [bothered] to read this far, I hope it helps and I hope it makes everyone think twice. There is one thing said that can be the difference between life and... not to be doom and gloom... death!I just know, I had to write this down... I had to let everyone know it gets better. Even for me, I have felt like absolute crap and been at rock bottom. It isn't pretty but hey here I am happy. With a perfect boyfriend, family that's there unconditionally and of course my wonderful friends. I love them to pieces and will never forget them. I know it was short I apologize but i plan to share more with you, to hopefully help you I guess and if you need help I'm here just somehow let me know and I'll always lend an ear to help you through the minor to the severe things!! 

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