All I Ever Wanted

How does someone so easily come into your life and change everything? Alanah Robson, 17, didn't know entering a simple contest for her favourite band, One Direction, would cause a chain of events to set off, changing the rest of her life.


3. Play Her

(Harry's P.O.V)

I hopped out of my car into the cool London air. There were a few paps down the street, but thankfully they didn't approach me. I made my way up the stairs to Zayn's flat, where I would be meeting the boys. I knocked lightly on the door and waited for someone to let me in.

     "Hello mate!" I heard a thick Irish accent say.

     "Hi Niall," I smiled "Who else is here?"

     "You're the last one. We've been waiting for you so we can start!" We were all supposed to watch the videos the fans had sent to us, and pick our favorite. Management had already gone through them, and narrowed it down to about 50 so we didn't have to spend days watching videos.

     I followed Niall into the living room, and was greeted by the rest of the boys. I sat down on the couch in between Zayn and Niall. Zayn finished setting everything up, so we could watch on the TV instead of a tiny computer screen.

      "There we go." He relaxed into the couch, "shall we boys?" We all nodded our heads, so he pressed play on the first video.

     After about an hour of watching videos, I must say we all looked stoned. Pretty much every video was the same, two girls dancing around like loons in their bedroom. Nothing was really standing out.

      "NEXT!" Louis screamed.

     "Here we go again..." Zayn said, as he clicked play on the remote. I was happy to see this video at least took place on the beach. And might I add, the girls in the video were definitely easy on the eyes. I noticed the rest of the guys perk up a little at the change of pace. The video had a cute ending, with the two girls walking off hand in hand.

     "That was fantastic!" Liam laughed.

     "I believe we have a winner boys." I nodded my head at them all.

     "Oh come on Harry, you just don't want to watch more boring videos!" Niall joked.

     "That, and those girls are hot!" I winked, "Who are they Zayn?" Zayn pulled up their email on his computer.

     "Their names are Alanah Robson and Jenna McFarlane, and they're from Vancouver" he turned his head to look at all of us.

     "Well then, I guess we should message Alanah and Jenna and tell them the good news." Louis smirked.

     "DIBS!" I called out, pulling out my phone. The boys all chuckled at my reaction. "What's the twitter they gave us Zayn?"

     "Wait boys..." Liam went on, "don't you think it would be more fun to surprise them?"

     "True I guess..." Louis and I nodded.

     "Well boys," Niall started "We're off to Canada!"



A/N : Sorry I know this chapter is pretty short :/ I just wanted to say if you have any suggestions don't be shy to leave comments!! I love to hear back from you.



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