All I Ever Wanted

How does someone so easily come into your life and change everything? Alanah Robson, 17, didn't know entering a simple contest for her favourite band, One Direction, would cause a chain of events to set off, changing the rest of her life.


9. Look At You Go

(Alanah's P.O.V)

Waking up the day after the ‘surprise’ was definitely not one of my favorite moments. I kind of wished that I could just stay in the moment with the boys forever, but I guess that’s just not how life works.

                I re-read my texts with Harry about a thousand times to make sure I didn’t just dream up the whole night. The fact that he’s leaving kind of sucks. But who am I to tell him not to go? We just met yesterday…

                I took a deep breath, and started getting ready. I wasn’t in the mood to look super hot today, so I put on something casual; an oversized tan sweater with a heart shape cut out the back, a little piece of the sweater was tucked into some floral short-shorts, and gold flip flops. I tied my hair up in a sock bun, and put on some light eyeliner, mascara and pink lip balm.

                “BYE EVERYONE!” I shouted as I walked out the door. On the car ride to school I didn’t feel like blasting music like I did yesterday. I actually felt kind of shit today. Jenna wasn’t coming to school, because her aunt was visiting and she had to spend time with her family, so I planned on being a bit of a loner today. The rest of my friends just don’t understand me like she does… And I was kind of hoping to tell her about my date.

                Everyone was giving me the strangest looks as I walked into school. Brianna Montano, probably the schools most annoying girl, came running up to me looking like she was about to burst, “OH MY GAWD ALANAH! You didn’t tell me you were dating Harry Styles!”

                “I’m not?” What is she talking about?

                “Then explain this.” She showed me a picture on her phone. It was me and Harry kissing last night on my doorstep.

                “Brianna, where the hell did you get that?”

                “Oh honey, it’s all over the internet. Everyone wants to know who you are!”

                “Well first, we aren’t dating. It was just a nice gesture from him after dinner last night. And second, this whole thing isn’t anybody’s business.” By this time about 30 other girls had gathered around me asking me about the picture. I just pushed my way through them all and walked back out to my car. I pulled out my phone and dialed Harry’s number.

                “Hello there, this is Niall Horan speaking.” Crap.

                “Hey Niall. This is Alanah from the show yesterday. Is Harry around?”

                “Oh hey Alanah! Yeah he’s in the kitchen, he just left his phone on the—“ I heard some rustling from the other line, followed by ‘give it to me now, or I’m hiding all the food’.

                “Sorry about that babe. Niall just doesn’t know when to stop.” This time it was Harry.

                “Oh that’s fine! So I was just wondering if you’ve seen the pictures…?”

                “What pictures?” he sounded concerned.

                “Well I went into school this morning, only to be attacked by screaming girls, asking me about the photos of us kissing”

                “Oh shit! How did they get those?” He sounded panicked.

                “Well Harry, we didn’t exactly hide. We were on my doorstep…”

                “God, that was so stupid of me. I just got caught up in the moment.” When he said that, my heart shattered into a million pieces. He didn’t want to kiss me?

                “Oh….” Was all I managed to say.

                “No! No, Alanah I didn’t mean it like that. I kissed you because I wanted to. But I just mean I should have done it somewhere more private.” I sighed in relief.

                “Good!” He chuckled on the other line, “but anyways, what am I supposed to do? I’m hiding in my car right now, because I don’t want to face my school.”

                “Well, I suggest you either get beaten up by teenage girls, or you could go home and text me. I’d take option two, but hey, it’s your life.”

                “Eh, who cares. It’s Friday. I’m going home!” we both started laughing.

                “Atta girl! Text me when you get home okay?”

                “Yeah I will. Bye Harry!”

                “Talk to you later Alanah!” I shoved the keys in the ignition, and sped off down the road. Instead of going home, I thought it would be more fun to go shopping. Plus, I don’t know how happy my mother would be if she knew I skipped.

                I pulled up on Robson street, and hopped out of the car. I went into a few of my favorite stores, and ended up with 3 huge bags full of new clothes. As I was walking back to my car, there were some girls pointing at me and giving me dirty looks, we all know what that’s about…

                It was only about 1 o’clock so I still had a few hours to kill before I could go home. I remembered I had to text Harry so I sent him a ‘Hey :)’. I drove myself down to Stanley Park, and started walking along the seawall.  I got a reply from Harry.

Harry- ‘Hey beautiful’

Alanah- ‘How’s London?’

Harry- ‘It’s fine, could be better ;)’

Alanah- ‘Oh really? How is that?’

Harry- ‘I think it’s missing a couple of people, or maybe just one.’

                I started laughing at his attempt of flirting, although it really was working. I looked out at the ocean, and started to head back to my car.

Alanah- ‘Vancouver could use an extra someone too :)’

Harry- ‘Who knows, one of these places could get very lucky very soon ;) But I gotta go. We are heading to a signing in Bournemouth. Gotta get my ears ready for the screaming girls! See ya love <3’

Alanah- ‘Have fun Harry <3’

                By this time it was already almost 3. So I thought I could start driving home.

                When I got through the door, I booked it up to my room to put the shopping bags away. “Alanah, is that you?” I heard my mom call from downstairs.

                “Yeah mom I’m home.” I said, coming down the stairs.

                She came and grabbed me by the shoulders, so I had to look her in the eyes. “Tell me everything about last night!” she let out a squeal.

                I told her every detail, even the kiss which was slightly awkward. I even told her how he texted me today. I kept out the me skipping school part though…

                “Oh baby I’m so happy for you! He seems like a gentleman. But please be careful? He is famous after all.”

                “Don’t worry mom. We aren’t even dating.” She gave me a look that said ‘not yet’. I just shook my head and turned to look to the side. I really hope she’s right.

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