All I Ever Wanted

How does someone so easily come into your life and change everything? Alanah Robson, 17, didn't know entering a simple contest for her favourite band, One Direction, would cause a chain of events to set off, changing the rest of her life.


11. I'm On My Way

(Alanah's P.O.V)

The day I was heading to London had finally come! I had spent all day yesterday packing my stuff, and saying good bye to my friends. My family and Jenna were going to come with me to the airport to send me off.

                As I took my last bag down from my room I waved good bye to the house one more time, before loading up the car and driving away. When we got to the airport everyone looked very sad. I was full of mixed emotions; excited, sad, scared, but most of all, nervous. I didn’t know what London would be like, how I would survive without my parents, or how Harry would react. I knew for sure I would know all the answers by tomorrow.

                When it came time to head through security, it was time to say goodbye. “Oh baby, I’m going to miss you so much!” my mom latched on to me, tears pooling in her eyes.

                “I’ll be fine mom, I’ll call when I get there!”

                I moved on to my dad who was trying to stay strong, and be manly, “Just take care of yourself honey, and watch out for boys. They’re all bad news.” He joked.

                “I’ll try!” I laughed and gave him a tight squeeze.

                As soon as my dad let me go, Brad tackled me in a brotherly hug. “Imma miss you sis. Who else am I going to annoy while you’re gone?”

                “Oh I’m sure you’ll find someone…” We both laughed.

                Next I walked over to Jenna. Although she wasn’t family, this was probably the hardest of all. We go through everything together, I don’t know how I’ll survive without her. “Oh Lani!” she said pulling me into a hug, tears streaming down both of our faces, “How am I going to live without my partner in crime? I won’t be able to fend off all those drunk guys.” This made us both let out a small laugh.

                “I’ll call and text you all the time Jen. It’ll be like I never left! And we can skype!” She nodded her head, then pulled me in for one last hug. I picked up my carry on and headed towards security, “Bye everyone!” I waved as I stepped in line. They all waved back then turned around and walked away. I broke my heart knowing I wouldn’t see them for a long time. But this was the start of a new life, one I’d always dreamed of. And regardless if Harry wanted me in his life or not, the rest of the boys were my friends. So I knew I would have them when I got down there.

                Waiting for my plane was torture. I couldn’t stop thinking about what was happening tonight. The plan the boys has come up with was genius, but I didn’t know if we could pull it off. Once I got to London, Liam would come and pick me up, since he is the most trustworthy. Then, I would go and quickly drop my stuff off at my apartment, change into some nicer clothes, and then we would head to Harry’s. The rest of the boys are going to take Harry out so I’m there when he gets back.

                “Flight 206 to London is ready for general boarding.” This was my cue. I collected my stuff, and walked down the walkway into the plane. I sat down in my seat, happy that I wasn’t stuck beside anyone for this 9 hour flight. I waved good bye one last time to Vancouver as we took off.

*9 hours later*

The flight was long, but nothing I couldn’t handle. I stepped off the plane, into Heathrow airport, suddenly filled with the sounds of many British accents. It was nice.

When I got to the baggage claim, I saw a hooded figure with two big men standing there. When he saw me, he started coming towards me. He pulled me into a tight hug. “Hi Liam!” I said quietly, trying not to grab anyone’s attention.

                “Hey Alanah!” He pulled away and smiled, “How was the flight?”

                “Long! But whatever, I’m finally here!” We both laughed and walked over to collect my bags. It’s crazy to think just one month ago I was sat obsessing over this boy and his four best friends in my room, and now I’m friends with them!

                We walked out to a sleek looking black car and got into the back. I gave the driver the address to my apartment, and we were off. Liam and Louis were the two I contacted the most about surprising Harry, so I definitely became the closest with the two of them. “Do you think this will go well Liam?” I asked turning my head towards him.

                “I think Harry will be very happy! He has talked about you constantly since your little fling in Vancouver.” He winked.

                “Really?” I was shocked, “Have the boys taken him out?”

                “Yes he does! And they did, Niall just texted me saying they were just getting to the restaurant.”

                “Alright! Let’s get this show on the road.” We laughed at my cheesy line, but then continued sitting silent the rest of the way. I looked at the beautiful scenery, taking in all of London as we drove.

                When we arrived at my apartment, the big men, and Liam grabbed all of my luggage, ignoring my offers to help. We quickly dropped it by my front door, and I went to grab something to change into. “Be right back!” I shouted to Liam as I ran to find my bathroom.

                I wandered down the hallway, finally landing outside a very posh bathroom. I locked the door, and as fast as I was out of my crappy airplane clothes, I was into my new clean outfit. I didn’t really have time to take in what my apartment was like, I would do that when I got home.

                I looked in the mirror fixing my white lace tank top, so that the tie around the bottom synched perfectly with the size of my waist. I combed my hands through my long wavy hair, and pushed it back, so it dangled delicately reaching my bellybutton. I set my black purse on the counter and pulled out my makeup touching up my mascara and foundation. I wiped my hands on my light blue skinny jeans, then grabbed my purse and jogged back to find Liam still waiting at my door.

                “Ready to go?” he asked.

                “Just let me find my shoes!” I said searching for my bag that contained my many footwear options. I finally found the black bag, and unzipped it violently. I pulled out my black leather flats, with the silver studs and slipped them on. “I’m ready.” I smiled.

                Liam motioned for the open door, telling me to go first. We didn’t talk much on the ride there, I was starting to get really excited. I knew I would finally be seeing Harry after 1 very long month. We pulled up outside a huge house, and I waited as Liam came around to open my door. “Here we are!” He said.

                “Wow, nice house!” I stood with my mouth wide open, staring at the mansion.

                “Harry uses his money wisely.” Liam said before pulling me along through the entry.

                The inside was even more beautiful than the outside. I have to admit, Harry does have very good taste. I nervously followed Liam into the living room, and sat on the couch.

                “They’re almost here!” He warned me. I nervously tugged at my hair, trying to make sure everything was perfect. I sat like that for about two minutes, then I heard the front door being opened. I couldn’t see them yet, since I was around the corner.

                “Hey Liam!” I heard Zayn say. The rest of the boys talked amongst themselves, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying.

                “Can we watch a movie Harry?” Louis suggested. I knew he was trying to get Harry to come into the living room. Cleaver Louis!

                “Sure Lou, I’ll go pick one out.” I heard his footsteps grow closer, until I was sure he was beside me. His eyes locked on mine as soon as he was around the corner. I heard a small gasp escape his lips.


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