All I Ever Wanted

How does someone so easily come into your life and change everything? Alanah Robson, 17, didn't know entering a simple contest for her favourite band, One Direction, would cause a chain of events to set off, changing the rest of her life.


8. Hey There, Love

(Harry's P.O.V)

I left Alanah’s house feeling slightly down. I didn’t want to leave this soon. I mean I just met this girl, but I could already feel something was happening when I was around her. I knew that I needed her. I didn’t plan on kissing her, but when she moved closer like that, I don’t know… It just felt, right.

                I know the boys are going to be pissed at me. For one, I left without telling anyone. And two, I started a strong bond with a fan. But hey, it’s not my fault that we connected like that. In my line of work, someone you can feel comfortable with is just so hard to find. I’m not going to let this one slip by.

                When I got to my hotel, Louis was pacing up and down the hall, “where the hell have you been curly? Paul is literally going bonkers.”

                “Sorry mate. I took that fan out for dinner. I told you I thought they deserved more!”

                “Well just please let someone know next time?” he put his hand on my shoulder, and gave me a small smile.

                “Of course Lou.”  We went back into our room, and both changed into sweats. I sat down on my bed and pulled out my phone. I decided to text Alanah. I wanted her to know this wasn’t just a prize. I actually want to see her again. I typed in ‘I can’t stop thinking about you :) xx’. Quickly, I got a reply from ‘Alanah :*’ saying ‘I can’t wait to see you again! Miss you already ;)’ A huge smile spread across my face.

                “Who’s that?” Louis asked.

                “Oh just the girl I took out tonight, Alanah.”

                “Did something happen Harry? You seem all peachy about something..” he took a few steps closer tilting his head.

                “Well.. I guess I didn’t really plan for us to have a real connection. But Lou, when I was there with her, it seemed so natural. We didn’t even have to talk, and I didn’t feel awkward. At the end of the night, when I took her home, she leaned in to kiss me on the cheek. I ended up pulling her back in and we kissed for real. I know this sounds corny, but I could swear there were sparks!” I started laughing to myself about the last part.

                “Oh Hazz, she sounds like a lovely girl. Just watch out okay? She is a fan after all. Don’t want her exploding because she can’t take being calm around you anymore.” I nodded my head and he walked back over to his bed. I looked back down at my phone, a warm feeling erupting inside of me seeing the message again.

                ‘Don’t worry it won’t be long. I’ll make sure of it! You should get to sleep though, love. Sweet dreams <3 xx’ I replied.

                ‘Goodnight Harry <3’ The heart was just a simple touch, but it indeed gave me butterflies. I love the feeling of a crush. Thinking about someone all the time is actually wonderful. It makes you feel like you have a purpose, and something to push you to make yourself better. I want to be a good man for Alanah. To prove to her, that I am worthy of her heart.

                *THE NEXT MORNING*

                The boys and I were on our way back to London. I felt quite upset, driving to the airport. As the plane took off, I stared at the city of Vancouver, promising I would be back soon to see her.

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