All I Ever Wanted

How does someone so easily come into your life and change everything? Alanah Robson, 17, didn't know entering a simple contest for her favourite band, One Direction, would cause a chain of events to set off, changing the rest of her life.


5. Dinner For Two (Part 1)

(Harry's P.O.V)

After chatting with the girls for a few more minutes backstage, Paul sadly rushed us away from them saying we had to get back to the hotel. I felt kind of bad because they did WIN the contest... And they barely got any time with us.    We were all silent on the car ride back to our hotel. When I got to mine and Louis' room, I went and collapsed onto the bed, "Yenno Lou, I don't think we gave those girls enough. Considering they did win the whole contest."    "Well what else do they expect us to do Harry? It's not our fault we had to go." Louis sighed, "I'm sure they are more then grateful for what they got."    I pretended I agreed with him. Though inside my head, I was already planning something that might surprise everyone.    *2 hours later* (Alanah's P.O.V.)    I'm still in shock after what happened today. I can't believe I finally met ONE DIRECTION!!! I was kinda bummed they got rushed away so fast. But I still feel like the luckiest girl in the world.   Mrs. Wocheck let Jenna and I have the afternoon off, she could tell we definitely wouldn't be able to focus. Jenna calmed down a bit faster than me, since she isn't really a Directioner. Jenna said she was tired so she went home to get some rest and I went home by myself.    On the drive home I blasted One Direction music, and sang along as loud as I could. I got a few weird looks from passing drivers, but who cares! I just wanted to relive that amazing moment.    I ran straight to my room when I got in the door, I wanted to check my twitter, and maybe tweet a thank you to the boys. When I got on my twitter, it was blowing up!! I noticed Harry had mentioned Jenna and I in a tweet "@Harry_Styles It was great meeting you two girls today! Your school sure knows how to have a good time ;) @AlanahRob @GirlItsJen" I shrieked out in excitement. HARRY FREAKIN STYLES TWEETED ME, AFTER HE MET ME!! This is all too much.   I was getting a little annoyed with girls tweeting me, I guess it's what comes with all of this. I noticed I had a new DM, so I opened it.    It was from Harry! "Hey Alanah! I was just wondering if you and Jenna would like to go out for dinner? The rest of the boys don't know about this. I just think you two deserve more than what we gave you. Xx" my heart starting going crazy. I immediately called Jenna freaking out "OMG JEN YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHAT JUST HAPPENED!!"    "Calm down girly, I can't understand you!" She laughed   "I'm sorry! But Harry just sent me a DM asking if we would like to go out for dinner with him!! EEEK!!"    "Sounds like fun! But I'm extremely tired.. And you love them way more than I do. Maybe if just you two go it'll be like a date." Jenna said in a flirty tone.   "Are you sure? I don't want you missing out because of me!"    "No it's fine. I'm not a fan like you, meeting them once was enough." She assured me.   "Okay Jen, I'll let you know how it goes!!"    "Bye babyy!" She joked and hung up the phone. I quickly pulled my laptop back onto my lap, to reply to Harry.    I typed in "Hi Harry :) Thanks for the offer! Sadly Jenna won't be able to come but I for sure can. If that's alright with you?" I sent it and laid back down on my bed waiting for a reply. About 10 minutes later he said "Oh that's fine! Me and you can have our own fun together :) how about I pick you up at around 6:30? xx" Oh. My. God. That is in 2 hours!! I need to start getting ready! I replied with a simple "Sounds perfect!" Followed by my address, and then went straight to work.    I decided to do my hair in big curls with a braided head band. I did a more dramatic smoky eye, with pale pink lips. And for the outfit I went with a simple 3/4 sleeve, form fitting, short black dress. Most of the back was cut out, with straps criss-crossing across the open part. I finished it off with some strappy black leather pumps, and my red bag. I only wore one ring, which had a cool design, and it was pretty big on my finger.    I checked the time and it was 6:15, I rushed through my room putting items in my bag that I might need; my phone my keys, my wallet, lipstick, mascara. I walked downstairs to find my family watching TV, "Mom, dad, I'm going out tonight!" I announced   "With who?" My mom asked   "Harry Styles from ONE DIRECTION!" I said trying not to fan girl too hard. My mom have me a look like she didn't believe me, "no I'm serious mom.." I told her what happened at school today her mouth just dropped. Right on queue, there was a little knock on the door. I let my last squeal out before going to answer it.    I opened up the door to reveal a very handsome looking Harry. "Hello love!" He greeted me.    "Hi Harry!" I looked back at my mom. She simply nodded her head letting me know it was okay.    "Shall we?" Harry asked offering his arm.    "We shall" I giggled linking our arms together. We walked out of my house with our heads down trying to avoid the awaiting paparazzi. There wasn't too many of them, but we still didn't want to cause a scene.   I got into the passenger side of his car and took a deep breath. This whole experience is unbelievable! Harry plopped down into the spot beside me seconds later. "So where are we going?" I wondered.    "Mm it's a surprise."   "Ugh, not another surprise!!" I joked. He laughed, and turned to look at me quickly.    "You look very beautiful tonight, might I add." This sent shivers down my spine. He said I was beautiful. I realized I didn't respond so I quickly choked out a "thank you" and then added "you don't look so bad yourself". He laughed at my response , probably knowing I thought he was a freaking GOD.    We sat in silence for a minute, so Harry put on some music, and began singing along to 'Summer Paradise' by simple plan. I didn't wanna seem uptight or too nervous so I began to sing along with him. I looked over to find him smiling at me. "You know Alanah, most of our fans would either be screaming in our face right now, or become dead silent. But you're different. It's nice that you can just let loose." In my mind I was thinking 'trust me I want to scream I your face right now' but I decided against saying that out loud, thinking it might make him creeped out.    Instead I said "Well I guess I'm not a regular fan then." I sighed and he chuckled, replying with, "Different is good."
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