Take Me Home

Melodi meets One Direction at a party and is torn between Harry and Niall. Who will she end up with, and what happens along the way?


1. Now or Never

*Melodi's POV*

"Melodi come on, we're leaving" Ricky called from down stairs

"Okay , Okay im coming" I called rushing down the stairs putting my earrings on. "What shoes, boots or vans" I asked him

"Melodi it doesn't matter we're going to be late" He said picking up the present 

"Alright, alright boots"

"Lets go"

"who's driving?" I asked with pleading eyes

"You because you have a need for speed and we'll be late unless you're driving"

"Yes!" I said grabbing the keys and running to stick them in the ignition

"Alright lets go!" Ricky said getting in the car

"What time does Micheals party start?"

"In 15 "

"Shit" I said backing out of the driveway

Fourteen minutes later we we're in his driveway

"Told you we'd make it" I smiled getting out of the car

"What ever, just go knock on the door" Ricky said following me

I knocked on the door "Twins!" Micheal shouted "You're here!" 

"Of course! We wouldnt miss it Micheal!" I said hugging him "Happy birthday"

"Happy Birthday bro" Ricky said to him

"So Melodi i have to introduce you to someone" Micheal said with a smirk

"Oh no Micheals trying to play matchmaker again" Ricky joked walking off

"Actually its five someones" Micheal smiled

"Micheal i told you im not looking for a boyfriend" 

"Just come on!" He dragged me. When he stopped we ended up in his backyard where five boys we're messing around in the pool

"Ricky didnt tell me it was a pool party! Thats not fair!" I whined

"Just shut up and come meet them" Micheal dragged me closer

"Hey Micheal!" One of them said 

They were pretty attractive 

"Who's that?"  The one with brown curly hair asked with a big smile

"This is Melodi, Ricky's twin sister"

"Nice to meet you" The one with blonde hair said getting out of the pool

"You too" I smiled. I got lost in his eyes

"erm.. Melodi.." Micheal said 


"You okay?"

"Yeah! Does anyone have something i can borrow because i want to go swimming!"

"Nopeee" Micheal said leaving

"Well we could always do it the old fashion way" The one with brown curly hair said cheekily

"Im sorry i never caught your name"


"Well Harry" I smiled "Why dont you show me the old fashion way" I said back just as cheekily

"Dont you think we should know eachothers names first" One of them said snapping me out of this game i was ready to play with Harry

"Okay well you all know my name so.."

"Im Zayn" one with a streak of blonde in his hair said 

"Liam" The one with an almost shaved hair said

"Louis!" The one with brown hair and striped swim trunks said

"Niall" The one with blonde hair said 

"Well its really nice to meet you all" I smiled 

"You too, so you're Rickys twin" Harry asked

"Yep! 18 years and counting" i smiled

"How come we havent seen you around?" Niall asked

"How come i haven't seen you around" I countered

"Maybe because the semester hasnt stard yet.." Zayn said

"True!" I laughed 

"So how about that swimming?" Harry asked

"Alright" i said taking off my clothes. All the boys stared at me when i got in the pool. "Coming or not?"

They all got undressed and in the pool

"Well this is a nice was to erm.. get to know eachother.." Liam said 

I laughed "Harry?" I asked 


"Will you go get my phone from me bag?" 

"Sure babe" he said getting out of the pool and then coming back over 

I called Micheal

"Melodiii" he answered 

"Hey be a babe and bring us some beers"

"Sure how many?" 

"Ehh three 6 packs"

"Melodi, thats a lot"

"two 6 packs then?"

"Ughhh. Fine" 

"Love you" i said hanging up

"So youre a drinker" Niall asked

"yep!" i said popping the p. "I assume you all are"

"Yeah" Harry said 

"Heres the beer!" Micheal yelled from the patio 

"Bring it here!" i yelled back 

"I think you should come get it!" he smirked

"I dont think i should" I smiled "If you dont walked over here with the beer and give it to me im telling everyone your secret"


"Your choice" I smirked as he started walking

"Bitch" he whispered in my ear

"love you micheal" i said 

"Mhmm. food in an hour" he said leaving

"What dirt do you have on him?" Harry asked after Micheal was gone

"I don't know? What dirty do I have on him?" I smiled back 

"Ahh your one of them" Harry smiled 

"Im one of what?" 

"Youre one of those girls that has dirt on everyone and threatens to spill if they dont do what you want, you trick guys and you get what you want."

"I dont know Harry. Am i one of those?" I smirked getting out of the pool. "Im going to the bathroom" i winked at Harry hoping he'd get the hint i wanted to talk to him. 

"Well im pruning so im getting out" Harry said. He had got the hint

I put on my clothes and walked into the house to the bathroom. Harry knocked on the door less then 10 minutes later

"Not as stupid as i thought" I said as i let him in. 

He smirked "I like you Gil" 

"you know my last name, so whats yours?"


"Well Styles, dont call me Gil, because after all if you do i might just have to tell someone whats about to happen"

"well Gil" he smirked pushing me up against the wall and hovering over me "Why dont you tell me whats about to happen"

"I think you know" I whispered into his neck 

"I do" he whispered nibbling on my ear.

There was a knock

"Melodi" Ricky called

"Yeah?" I yelled back as Harry moved away from me

"You okay?" he asked

"Youve been in there for like 10 minutes?" 

"Yeah i just dont feel to well, i might get someone to take me home"

"Okay" he said and his foot steps faded

"Well..." Harry trailed off

"Sorry about him" i said

"No its okay, he's worried about you i get it"

"Well now i need someone to take me home" I said "Will you.." 

"Of course"  

"Lets go" i said "I have to find Ricky first"

Once i found him I threw up in the bathroom and that Harry was taking me home then i went to get into Harry's car.

"Are your parents home?" 

"erm. no. never are" 

"Oh why not?"

"They live in the states."

"Oh so its just you and ricky? "


"I guess thats cool"

"Yeah, so i assume you dont know how to get to my house"

"You assume wrong" 

"You went to Rickys party last week?" 

"Yeah" he smiled "where were you?" 

"Friends house"  smiled

"Well we're here" he said stopping in my drive way. 

"Come inside" I said getting out of the car, Harry quickly behind

"You can just stay down here for a minute im going to go chance" I smiled hopping up the stairs 

When I got into my room i closed the door and sat on my bed. I wanted Harry, but i also wanted a shower. But more importantly this afternoon when i met those 5 boys, wow. Niall just took my breath away, and so did Harry. My body wanted Harry and my heart wanted Niall.

You've probably guessed that im one of those girls that kind of uses guys. I can't keep a boyfriend and i have had a lot of guys.

But when i met Niall i wanted him. I wanted him to love, but when i saw Harry I came back. I just wanted him to mess around. And here i a with him down stairs. I knew Harry wouldnt tell anyone about what was about to happen so i called him up.

"Styles" I called 

"You okay?" He said running upstairs 

"Yeah" I smiled "I was going to take a shower and wanted to know if you wanted to join" I winked "Im going to start the water, i'll be waiting" I said kissing him on the cheek and then walking to my bathroom. I couldnt have been in the shower more than 3 minutes before he showed up. 

"So is this going to be a thing with us?" 


"Always being naked in water?" he laughed 

"I dont know styles you tell me how you like it" I smiled

About half an hour later we got out of the shower. 

"That was amazing" He smiled kissing me

"I agree" i smirked "Now lets get you some clothes, follow me" I said walking into Ricky's room. "You guys are probably the same size. So here" I said tossing Harry a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt

"Wont he be kinda mad that we just had sex and now im taking his clothes?"

"Nah. Dont worry about it, i'll just tell him your clothes where wet. No one will ever have to know about the sex Harry." 

"Okay" He said following me back into my room

"You can sit on the bed" I smiled as i pulled out clothes to put on myself

"Well actually i should probably go, Micheal's party will be over soon and the guys are probably expecting me home"

"Just tell them to come over here!" I smiled 

"What about Ricky?" 

"He wont be home until tomorrow or the day after, He's going over to his friends" 

"Okay! I'll call them and see he" said smiling and picking up the phone

"Hey! Niall do you guys want to come over to Melodi's shes feeling better, and Rickys not coming home and she said we could just chill here"

I could hear the muffled sound of Niall talking

"No her parents dont live with her"

I could make out Niall saying "What?! Really?!" 

"Yes Niall, she can explain later if she wants to, now ask the boys" 

More muffled noises 

"I dont care if Louis doesnt want to come, if everyone else wants to then tell him he can either stay at home or suck it the hell up and come over here" 

more muffled noises

"Alright, go get stuff and then come over" 

"Okay bye" Harry said hanging up

"They'll be here in a half hour" He smiled


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