Take Me Home

Melodi meets One Direction at a party and is torn between Harry and Niall. Who will she end up with, and what happens along the way?


2. Do you get this kind of rush?

A/N one direction is not famous in this.


*Melodi's POV*

I was nervous, for the first time, to be around the guys. Niall, Harry and I in the same room. I know nothing had happened yet with Niall and I but i don't think i can hide that fact i like him. a lot.

The door bell rang interrupting my thoughts

"Do you want me to get it?" Harry asked already half way at the door

"Sure!" I said trying to make myself fun and not think about the situation.

Harry opened the door and i was about 2 steps behind him 

"Hey guys" Harry said 

"Wheres Louis and Liam?" i asked

"Louis wanted to stay home and he's bitching about a lot of stuff, we think he had to much to drink so Liam offered to stay home with him so he doesn't destroy everything" Niall said as he walked in and Zayn followed

"Ohh." I said "Well okay we can either hang out down here or in my room or wherever.." I trailed off seeing Niall had a guitar 

I guess he saw me looking at it. "You play?" he asked 

"Umm.. yeah a little. I use to be in a band and.. " I trailed off because there wasn't much to say

"That's cool" he smiled. I swear i could have died right then and been happy.

"So do you guys want something to eat?" I asked like a god host should

"Yeah!" Zayn smiled "Can we order some pizza?"

"Sure" i said as he pulled out his phone

"em yeah can i have... 3 large pizza's" he started 

"One meat lovers!" I said 

"One meat lovers, one Hawaiian and one plain" he said into the phone "Deliver" 

he pulled the phone away from his ear "Whats the address?" he asked me 

"3476 burge wood road" I told him and then he repeated it to the person on the phone 

"Okay thanks" he said hanging up

"half an hour!" he announced

"Okay cool" I said putting my still wet hair in a bun "so what do guys normally do at sleepovers?" I asked 

"Play video games, watch movies, talk, eat." Niall said 

"What do girls do?" Harry asked 

"We pull pranks, talk, eat, watch movies, eat some more" I said 

"Interesting so we should watch some movies" Zayn said 

"Sure, lets go to my room because i like my bed" I said "Plus all the movies are up there" I went up the stairs and into my room. I went to my closet to pull out more blankets and pillows 

"Where are the movies Mel?" Zayn asked me

"next to the tv" I said closing my closet and then  getting on my bed Niall and Harry then came to sit on either sides on me. Then Harry got up

"Where you going?" Zayn asked 

"We need some beer!"  He smiled 

"Oh okay! I'll come with you to the store so i can help you carry" He said following Harry

"We'll be back"  Harry called down the stairs

After a few minutes of silence Niall broke it "So i guess its just you and me" he smiled weakly at me.

"Yeah" I smiled turning my body so it was facing his.

"You're beautiful" he whispered 

"You're perfect" i whispered. He reached for a piece of my hair and started twirling it around his finger. He then pulled me up so i was on top of his lap. I could feel his bulge in his pants. I put my hands in his hair as he kissed me. It wasn't rough like Harry's had been. It was soft, passionate.  He met it. He licked my lips asked for entrance which i allowed. Our tongues didst fight like Harry and i's had. Niall and I, our tongues danced together, never missing a beat.

I then pulled away for air.

"That was amazing" he almost panted.

"Niall I like you. " I blurted out.

Before Niall could say anything the door bell rang.

"I'll go get it" He said moving me off of him. While he went to get the pizza i went to find money so i could pay him back.

"Pizza and beer is here!" Niall yelled coming up stairs with Harry and Zayn following


*Niall's POV" 

damn door bell! I thought as i set down the pizza on Melodi's bed. And then Harry and Zayn had to show back up! Ughh. I like Melodi too, and she likes me! The reason Louis didn't come is because he doesn't like Melodi. He says she's a player and will only end up hurting us. His loss. 

"Niall how much was the pizza?" She said with a bunch of cash in her hand

"Dont worry about it!" I smiled at her. Her eyes are just perfect. sparkling blue.

"No Niall seriously, and the beer too guys." She said insisting to pay

"Like Niall said dont worry about it babe, we can pay for it." Zayn said 

"Whatever" she said throwing the cash on her dresser and going to sit back down on her bed opening a pizza box. "So whos the one that likes the pizza plain?" 

"Harry!" I said

"Boring!" she said getting a piece of cheese out and handing it to harry. 

"Are you going to say Hawaiian is boring next?" Zayn said 

"Nahh because  like it!" She laughed "But meat lovers over any kind of pizza"

"oh yeah!" I said high fiving her "Lets eat!

"You guys are staying the night!" she announced 

-"Good!" I thought "Maybe Harry and Zayn will have to make another beer run"

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