Take Me Home

Melodi meets One Direction at a party and is torn between Harry and Niall. Who will she end up with, and what happens along the way?


3. All those conversations

*Melodi's POV*

"So what do you guys want to do?" I asked after we were done eating

"I think we should get to know each other better!" Harry announced 

"Sure" Niall and Zayn agreed 

"So Melodi" Niall started "Your parents dont live with you, tell the story?"

"Okay, well they live in the states because they are mangers of big companies over there, like different restaurants, cinemas, stuff like that. So when they moved we could either move with them or we could stay here because we where 16, and they said we where 'mature' so they didnt care.So they left us the house, a shit load of money and moved. we get money like every month to pay the bills, but they told us we have to work. So we do" I finished

"thats actually pretty cool" Zayn said 

"Kind of" 

"where do you work?" Harry asked "Because I know Ricky works at Nando's"

"Yeah, I work at Starbucks" 

"Wait Ricky works at Nando's?!" Niall shouted "How come no one told me about this?!" 

"Calm down bud" Zayn said

"Why do you like Nando's?" I laughed getting up to go get a Nando's coupon from my nightstand


"Come with me get 50% off" I smiled pulling out the coupon "And buy one get one free coupons, I get like 10 every week" I gave him the coupon and sat back down

"Are you serious?!" 

"Yeah" I laughed

"Thank you so much" He said hugging me 

"No problem" I said "Now I assume you guys all live together?" 

"Yeah" Harry said

"cool where do you guys live?"

"Like literally around the corner, we could walk here" Zayn said 

"Really?" I asked really shocked that I hadn't seen them around

"Yeah" Niall said "How come we haven't seen you around?"

"Honestly I have no clue, I was about to ask you guys the same question" I smiled 

"Where were you at Ricky's party?" Zayn asked 

"Friends house, But wait how do you guys know Ricky, because you didnt go to our high school did you?" I asked really confused 

"We didnt go to your high school, but we're planning on going to the same collage as everyone else. We met Micheal and Ricky at a club once. Micheal got so drunk we had to take him home and Ricky helped, after we found out we live so close we've been really good friends" Harry said 

"Typical Micheal." I laughed "But thats really cool that you'll be going to the same collage."

"Yeah a summer and then collage" Niall said 

"Its crazy. Do you know about the lake house trip?" I asked 

"Noooo"  They all said 

"Ricky and I throw it every summer. everyone thats going comes over here for like 3 day to get to know everyone and then we go to a Lake house for one and a half week. Its super fun, you guys should come" 

"When is it?" Harry asked 

"Like a week from tomorrow" I said

"Text that to me, i wont remember, and then we can ask Liam" Niall smiled 

"Put in everyones number" i said tossing him my phone "You guys are coming, because not a lot of people can go this year, so far its going to be like Micheal, Ricky, his girlfriend, my friend Gabby, and me. And usually like twenty people go"

"How come no one can go?" Zayn asked 

"Because most of them are moving or taking classes over summer to get all the credit they need" 

"Oh that sucks" 

"yeppp" I said then yawned "im tired im going to go to sleep, you guys can do whatever" I said getting under the covers

"I guess we'll go to bed too" Zayn said 

"Oh i pulled out a bunch of sheets and stuff, you can sleep wherever you want" 

After they all got comfortable Niall went to turn out the light then her came up to me

"I like you too" he whispered "Goodnight beautiful" 


I woke up to pots and pans clanking and then a yell 

"Shut the hell up! youre going to wake Melodi" I heard Nialls Irish accent say 

I decided to go downstairs to see what they where doing

"Morning!" I smiled

"I told you!" Niall said 

"Morning Mel, We went out to the store to get eggs and bacon" Zayn said 

"And now we're making it" Harry smiled 

"And we woke you up" Niall sighed 

"But really its okay, because i have to go into work at 10" I smiled "what time is it now?"

"8:30" Zayn said  

"alright so i'll go take a shower get dressed, eat and then leave" I smiled going up stairs.

I turned on the water and then got un-dressed. I went into the shower and let the warm water relax my back, then i put my strawberry shampoo in my hair. I started humming which turned into singing 

"And they say, shes in the class A-team" i sang while putting my conditioner in my hair "Stuck in her day dream, been this way since 18, but lately" I turned off the water, got out and dried myself. I went in my closet to get my uniform. I then went into the bathroom to do my make up and hair still singing. Once i was done i went down stairs

"Hey!" I smiled

"You have a really good voice, Mel" Zayn said 

"You heard me?" I blushed

"Yeah! it was good!" Niall smiled

"Thanks" I said taking a bite of the eggs in front of me "these are really good" 

"Thanks" Harry smiled "Do you need drove to work" 

"I have a car Styles" I smiled "Thanks though" I said getting up to put the dishes in the sink "Oh tonight im going to a club, the one near Nandos, want to come?" 

"Sure!" they all said together 

"What time do you get off work?" Niall asked 

"Ermm.. 2:30" I said "You guys can stay here if you want, but come back over before we go to the club?"

"Alright we'll be here at 7:30" Zayn smiled 

"Okay we'll I have to go, so i'll see you later" I smiled walking to the garage "Bye guys"

"Bye Melodi" Harry and Niall said 

"Bye Mel" Zayn smiled

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