Love or Hate

this is about a girl named julie she has to move out of her house and gets fired from her job but along the way will she fall in love are say committed to work?


8. The Fair


I was getting ready to go to the fair with Niall when harry texted me MESSASGE FROM HARRY: Julie I'm sorry  for what I did to you I didn't mean it

I put my phone on my bed and finished getting ready. The doorbell rang I ran to answer it but my mom did "o hi can I help you with something ?"  He seen me in back of her

"bye mom" she grabbed my arm "wait who is this ?" "Niall bye!" I grabbed nialls hand and we ran to his car

"wow you really were in a rush" niall said lauging "no she was just going to keep asking questions"

Niall started the car. As we drove we were having a good laugh and telling each other fuuny banters

We got to the fair Niall bought 60 tickets "we are going to go on every ride!" I laughed as he led me to the fist one "the orbit " man it looked scary

"Are you scared" niall said as he laughed and poked me until I asked him" YES!" we both laughed

we got on the ride Niall held my hand "don't worry im here" I smiled as the ride got faster I screamed and squeezed Nialls hand all he did was laugh

after we went on all the rides and played games we sat down together we  both went silent  who both came close when I reamered I am just a bet! I leaned back "no I cant" my voice cracked "why?" I looked at my shoes

"im just a bet" I said in a whisper so niall couldn't hear me but he did "w-w-what do you mean?" I looked back up at him

"I know about you and harry saying who I kissed first gets to have me!" he grabbed my hand "look im sorry" I pulled my hand away "can you just take me home please"  He  got up and went to the car

I texted Louis TO LOUIS: plans off


I got home and went right to my room and seen Harry sitting on  my bed!

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