Love or Hate

this is about a girl named julie she has to move out of her house and gets fired from her job but along the way will she fall in love are say committed to work?


17. Park

"nothing just come with me " He grabbed my arm "STOP HARRY PLEASE" he laid me on the bed and held down my arms "Sto-" my words were cut off when his lips pressed to mine. He moved down to my neck .

He started to suck harder I let out a slight grown "good" harry gets off "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!" YOU KNOW ME AND NIALL ARE JUST FRIENDS!" He pushes my hair out of my face "don't be mad love" I push past him "bye Harry " I leave his house slamming the door. I turned around and seen him come out "Julie im sorry" he yelled I started running now  Harry following I ran in the park

"JULIE STOP!" my legs started to hurt I finally stopped by the lake Harry came running towards me he couldn't stop and me and Harry fell in the lake I was grasping for air when I reached the surface "Julie" harry said pulling me close "im so sorry I never ment for this or any of that to happen im sorry will you forgive me?" I didn't think I just kissed him"dont every do that again" we got out of the water now soaked "want ice cream " I nodded "umm 2 vanilla ice creams please " harry told the man

We got or ice cream and at at a bench "ill be back I have to get a napkin" harry went to ask the guy for napkins when a boy around my age sat on the bench "you here alone ?" he asked "" I continued to eat my ice cream when he moved closer "im sorry but can you please leave " I was a little scared now "why I just want to get to know you" he smiled and put and arm around me before I could move his arm Harry came back "who are you !?!" he asked coming close "you don't need to know !" the boy said back to harry "you beeter fucken leave" harry made a fist and the boy ran "look harry" he cut me off "I know I seen him sit down" he smiled"you cant show them that yo are scared " he chuckeled "I did not!" I protested "sure" My and harry spent an hour talking at the park with wet close I real do ike him  

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