Love or Hate

this is about a girl named julie she has to move out of her house and gets fired from her job but along the way will she fall in love are say committed to work?


11. New Guy

We got to Nialls house I followed him to the couch

I sat on the couch and faced him "so why do you need a job so badly?" Before I could answer someone came in

Niall ran to the door "what are you doing here?"Niall said "Niall were is she!" I heard a familiar voice say

Harry ran in the room "Julie im sorry I didn't mean from you to get fired.....I just wanted to talk to you about yesterday"  Niall looked at both of us confused

  "Im not that girl who kisses on a first date and I don't rush a relationship I like to get to know the person first" They both nodded

"we are just friends" I told them both "im so sorry" they both said

I got up and kissed them both on the cheek "see you around " I winked as I walked out the door leaving them both confused

2Months later

I got my own place it is small and I got a job at the mall and I help my aunt at her bakery

Its been a long time since I seen the boys because they had to tour they should be coming to visit soon

I went to work I was really bored when my boos came up to me "we have a new employee I need you to train him" I nodded he smiled and walked away

This guys is kinda cute "hi im Julie" I smiled "im chris" he winked I blushed

I told him the rules and showed him what to do then after I said"any more questions?" I looked around "o ya umm... can I have your number?" I smiled "ya" I wrote the number on his arm "thanks " he smiled and went to the back room

I got my things ad left when I heard "JULIE" I turned around to see chris  "hey" I smiled "wanna walk together?" I nodded

Chris is so funny nice and sweet i snapped back into reality when i heard chris say"wanna go out tommrow night?"

"ya sure" i bit my bottom lip

I cant wait i walked in my house tommrow is going to be so much fun



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