Love or Hate

this is about a girl named julie she has to move out of her house and gets fired from her job but along the way will she fall in love are say committed to work?


9. Hiding This

"what are you doing here" I was still surprised to see him here

"I wanted to apologize for what I did to you I didn't mean it. I was just really mad at Niall "

 He looked at me with his green eyes  "why are you mad at Niall?" I knew why I just wanted to see if he would tell me

"we just got into a fight over something" I went and sat next to him on the bed "Come on tell me" I put on a fake smile

"well ummmmm we were fighting over you" I looked to the ground "Harry I don't want to date either of you and I know about your stupid bet" I looked back up at him "oh"

"I thought we were all just friends but you guys just want to date me when you don't even know me " harry looked to the ground he looked back up and Kissed me 

I didn't pull away for some reason I kissed him back I felt a spark. He started to kiss my neck I pulled him off "Harry stop" "sorry love"

"I think you should go please do not tell any body " he nodded and  walked out the door. I walked over to my dresser and seen I had a love bit on my neck from harry  

"can I come in" it was my mom  I grabbed my hoddie "come in " she walked in smiling "2 oys in one night" I sighed "mom its not like that" she smirked "o ok " she left 

I laid back down I bed how am I going to hide this?

*sorry this was such a short chapter

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hope you liked it*

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