Love or Hate

this is about a girl named julie she has to move out of her house and gets fired from her job but along the way will she fall in love are say committed to work?


5. Friday


                         Harrys P.O.V

 "o Harry" I heard someone whisper "HARRY GET UP!" I opened my eyes to see Louis "what are you doing here ?"

He gave me a dumb look "we have to record !" I looked at the clock "o shit!" I got dressed then met him in the car

We recorded for a good hour then went to Starbucks. I seen Julie then smiled at he "hey love are you still coming?" she looked up" ya what time"

"about 4:30" "alright are u guys going to order" we all told her our orders  . I seen niall stood back to talk to her

He came back smiling "u so happy niall?" liam asked Niall blushed "im taking Julie to the fair tomorrow" I froze "Niall I like her" I just came out and said it "im sorry harry but I like her too"

"well lets see who she likes better. The first one to kiss her in 5days wins" Niall nodded "and she has to kiss you for 5 seconds" "DEAL!" we shook on it

             JULIES P.O.V

I got home and put on yoga's  and a Spiderman shirt  and out my hair in a high bun.

I got to Harrys he opened the door "I thought u were leaving" "no im not but I need help watching kids" he smiled "ok but since you are helping it will be 10 dollors an hour " he nodded

The kids woke up Robert smiled when he seen me and drake hugged me "they really like you" Harry smiled

"Harry Harry" Robert asked "ya" harry said as he picked him up "can we swim in your pool?" Harry nodded

He got the boys and himself dressed and came back down we walked outside "Julie are you coming in?" harry asked "no I dint bring my bathing suite" "well go get it " drake said I smiled I got my bathing suite then changed at harrys

I jumped in the pool and picked up drake He laughed .Harry took drake from me "hey give him back!" He laughed "NEVER" "JULIE HELP US !"

"you must give me something for these boys" the boys looked at him and whispered something "a kiss!" I froze and went closer to harry. I kissed him on the cheek "ohhhhhh" the boys said as I kissed harry "ok can I have them back?" "yes"

*2 hours later *

We finally got out of the pool and made hamburgers. Me and the boys started laughing at harry because he had ketchup on him. "what are you guys laughing at?" I laughed harder "u got a little something on your face"i wiped it off his face hen noticed hi beautiful eyes.





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