Love or Hate

this is about a girl named julie she has to move out of her house and gets fired from her job but along the way will she fall in love are say committed to work?


14. Changed?

The boy left to go sing at the bakery

I think I have to do whats right I ran out of the bakery and seen chris "hey !" I yelled "o hi love"

"look chris I don't thin were going to work out " I looked at the bakery "WHAT!" I looked straight at him "Im sorry"

He slapped me I rube my cheek "your not leaving me bitch" I ran towards the bakery but chris grabbed my wrist "STOP!" I spit on him

he picked me up and threw me over his soilder "HARRY HARRY HARRY!!!!" but he didn't com out

chris put me in a ally "leave me alone !" I spat at him "Shutup !" he put his hand on my mouth I strugged to move

I seen harry walk  by "JULIE WERE ARE YOU" he seen chris "Get away from her!" harry voice was angry

"NO!" chris yelled

Harry kicked him I quickly got up and me and harry made a run for it.

WE made it back to the bakery "Julie are you ok?" I nodded

I looked up at his beautiful green eyes and without thinking I kissed him!!" He kissed me back I felt wonderful sparks between us like we were the only two there .

"YOU GO HAZZA!" I quickly pulled away to see who it was. Of course Louis "hi Louis" I blushed "o don't be shy love we have seen harry kiss fake pictures of you" I turned to look at harry

"That's not true!" harry quickly spoke up we all just laughed The boys left to go get coffee and me and zany sat and talked "so how are you and perrie ?"  He smiled "GREAT! I love her" I smiled "aww"

He looked to the floor"julie?" I looked at him "ya" He looked back up at me biting his lip "whats wrong?" liking his lips he answered "you should know that.... Harry has changed"

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