Love or Hate

this is about a girl named julie she has to move out of her house and gets fired from her job but along the way will she fall in love are say committed to work?


13. Break up?

"JULIE !" my aunt called "bye chris" he kissed m on the cheek I left

"ya " I called for my aunt when I spotted Harry I ran up to him to hug him but I tripped and we both fell "well hi to you to Julie " we both laughed wand got up

I gave him a hug I felt so nice to be in Harrys arms again

I seen the other boys and gave them all hugs "hey I thought you guys weren't supposed to be back for another 2 months?" They all looked over to harry

"well..."Louis started off "Niall decided to move on and told harry to ask you out and he wanted to do it face to face and he couldn't wait so we came back "liam finished

I looked over to Harry blushing "is that true harry" I smiled

He nodded and looked up "will you go out with me " right when  was about to answer Chris walked in "hey Julie your aunt let me back here im leaving my mom told my sister she had to clean her room "

He looked at the boys "maybe we can hangout tonight?" I nodded

Chris smiled "bye love ill text you " he kissed me on the cheek Before he left I seen him and harry stare at each other

One Chris left I turned around to see all the boys staring at me "well....we just meet yesterday" I smiled lightly

"JULIE YOU CANT DATE HIM !" I looked over at harry "w-what "

Niall spoke up "Him and harry hate each other" Louis continued "ya every time harry has the nerve to ask a girl out he does it first"

"why does he do that?" they all shrugged

Should I break up with chris and date harry?

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