Love or Hate

this is about a girl named julie she has to move out of her house and gets fired from her job but along the way will she fall in love are say committed to work?


2. babysitting

                                             HARRYS P.O.V

My aunt came bye and dropped off the kids at 6:30 these kids were really hyper!

    *2 hours later*

I arrived at the house and seen another car parked in front. I got out of the car and heard "HEY LOVE COMING TO THE CLUB?"


I turned around to see one direction I rooled my eyes and kept coming"ARE YOU HARRYS GIRLFRIEND IF YOU ARE DONT MAKEOUT INFORNT OF US!"

I got red and turned around and walked towards their car "YOU BETTER SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU DUMB ASSES!" they tuned the other way

 I knocked on the door "ok the kids are sleeping heres my number bye "he ran out the door I walked in and turned on the T.V  I got bored after a while and decided to walk around the house I found harrys room he had a calendar of girls on motorcycles  wow

I heard someone crying I ran downstairs "WHO ARE YOU" the little boy asked "I am babysitting you "ok why were you upstairs" I looked at the ground " because"

it got quiet "so whats your name ?" I asked him "Robert and that's my brother drake " I nodded looking at drake sleeping on the couch "are you hungry?" he nodded while rubbing his belly

I walked to the kitchen and seen pizza I opened the box it was still warm I gave Robert a slice as he was eating he asked "are you harry girlfriend " I almost choked on the pizza "no why did you ask that" he looked at me "well you are a really pretty girl" I smiled

*4 hours later *

I looked at the clock it was 12 the boys were sleeping man they were crazy I heard someone come in

I seen harry"hi" I could tell he was drunk "o hi love " he started pulling out money out he handed me $60 and took out another $20" if you come in my bed and have a little fun with me you can have this " I slapped him "I am leaving just take care of the kids"

 I got home I went straight to bed it took me an hour to fall asleep because all I can think about is harry

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