Love or Hate

this is about a girl named julie she has to move out of her house and gets fired from her job but along the way will she fall in love are say committed to work?


3. apoligizes

I woke up to the smell of fresh bacon I ran downstairs and got the last piece . I took the first bit it was still warm.

"Julie did you figure out how to get the money?" my mom asked while making pancakes I took another bite of my bacon "umm ya I am a babysitter" she put a pancake on my plate "well that's good"

when I finished eating and I did not have work today I decide to go to the mall . I picked out skinny jeans and a nice graph tee

I was about to leave when my friend karina texted me: want to go shopping?" I smiled "ya be ready in 5" I got my keys and left

When I got to karinas house she came out and got in the car my fav song came on everybody talks I stated singing karina rolled her eyes and said "SHUTUP" I started laughing

we got to the mall and got coffees . I seen harry and 3 other boys I walked passed them with karina "Julie" I turned around and walked towards him "hi love this is ed and niall" I waved "hi its nice to meet you"

karina nudged me "o sorry this is karina" they waved hi "ok well I better get going

"Julie can I talked to u for  a second" harry said  I nodded "I am sorry for what happened the other day I was drun-" I cut him off "I know you were just please don't do it again" I smiled

"so my little cousin told me you were upstairs" he smirked I blushed "I was looking for the bathroom" I laughed "ya ok" he chuckled

"well I better be going karina is waiting for me" I pointed to karina  "ok wait do you think you can babysit on Friday "he smiled "ya sure " I walked back to karina

We went into a store and karina looked at me "you like him don't you" I paused "w-w-what " she smiled" Julie I can tell you like him" did I like harry

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