Blue lover

Its a story based on a girl who has depressin, then she meets the strange boy who soon turns her life upside down.


4. the freak

"Oh look everyone, the freak lived 16 years. " Someone said. "I feel sorry for her parents, not giving her up for a adoption, mistke" another shouted. "Oh she was the mistake, alright" Millie, my ex bestfriend. We used to do everything together, until she become popular and ditched me for Ashley and Danni. No need to feel sad, though Hollie, we were friends, but thats in the past. 

Somehow the girls stopped throwing papers and curses at her. As she looked up the most georgious guy walked through the door. Georgious brown hair, Green eyes and a sexy look. Things were starting to look good. He came over and sat right next to her, and ignores Millies pack. Looks like the wolvs are in for the full moon.

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