Blue lover

Its a story based on a girl who has depressin, then she meets the strange boy who soon turns her life upside down.


3. Back, 2 years.

"Happy birthday darling, we hope its good" Nothing good about 16, Hollie though. Just another painfull year. Her parents pulled out a gigant yellow box. "We picked it out esspecally for you" What a supprise, a black gothic dress. Hollies parents though she was a goth, they would buy her goth clothes, makeup. But she never wear them. Just put on a smile and thank them.

Sitting on her dressing table, looking in the mirror. Hollie didnt understand. Whats wrong with her ? why did everyone hate her? She pulled her sleve up, reveling lots of neat little cuts, rows and rows until it reached her elbow. Some were fading others were healing. All she ever really wanted was a change - a advanture.

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