Blue lover

Its a story based on a girl who has depressin, then she meets the strange boy who soon turns her life upside down.


1. I want out !


White glisning blanket covers these woods, turning into ghostly smoke. I can still feel everything that happeded that day. Here. in this right sopt. I never ment to die, it was an accident. But is anyone ment to die?  its just a matter of thought. Why did i die ? i was a good girl. Always done what my parents wanted me to.

Death would have been the easy option, death is , its piecefull. But what happened to me is death. Im dead, eventhough im alive. I cant help it. They did this. Everyones singing jumping around as im writing this, feels like im writing it in red tears of my heart. Theve started this. I, I ,I I just want someone, who can love me, i dont wanna feel empty inside, not anymore.

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