Love me or love me not

Niall love story ♥


6. The sickness

I was getting a bit homesick I missed my friends and family a lot I went to the couch and sat on it Louis comes over hello Sophie! "Hi" I mumbled "what's wrong"Lou asked "I'm homesick"I said " I was to the first time I was on your and you know what helped a funny movie and ice-cream spiders!"he said "ok"I said "LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED"Louis screamed at the top of his lungs! We just started cracking up HAHAHA. So we ended up watching dumb and dumber it was so funny! After that I didn't feel so homesick Louis asked if I wanted to prank call someone I agreed we decided we would prank Louis's mum he did the voice "hello poo wee"he said I cracked up again his mum said "Louis stop prank calling me otherwise you will clean your room forever Louis screamed and said noooooooo and then said love you bye and then hung up Lou you've been a naughty boy!!
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