Love me or love me not

Niall love story ♥


4. On the road

I can't believe it has been two weeks already! We are currently in Australia going to Melbourne Paul is very nice and me and Niall are getting closer every day I think I am coming to have feelings for Niall but no that can't happen! I will get in trouble with Paul and the paparazzi No Way

Niall's point of view (P.O.V)

I'm finding it a bit strange because Sophie is not talking to me that much today I asked her what the problem was

(Of course I told him) "I'm sorry but I have feelings for you"whispered Sophie

"That's ok it happens"said Niall "I do to" he said blushing
" Do you want to be my girlfriend?" He said
"Yes!"I said
This day was the best day of my life but it was all about to change!
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