Going through Here and There

Victoria lived most of her life living a lie. Then she meets up with an old friend in an exhibition and they contact each other again. But is everything real, or is it a lie? Or is everything just a dream and a vision?


27. Who's that Girl

Zayn's P.O.V.

I looked at the girl as she walked away. I couldn't help but look at her, I saw her go to some girls and I assumed that those must be her friends.
"Seems like somebody's looking at someone," Harry's voice brought me back to reality. I looked at Harry, and gave him a wondering look. "C'mon I know you were looking at that girl."
"I wasn't," I lied but I knew it was obvious.
"Don't worry, she's cute if it wasn't for the fact that she seems a little bit lost," Harry said and the boys laughed. "Why don't you go approach her?"
"Are you crazy?" Liam said. "He can't do that! He's not you Harry!"
"Then let me do the intro," Harry said. I tried to stop him but he already walked towards them. I decided to follow him while the boys were sitting in their seats.
"Hi!" Harry said. I felt a bit flushed cause I have no idea where Harry's going to. "I'm Harry and this is my bro, Zayn."
"Hey," I said trying to act all friendly and all, but Harry's voice was in its flirty tone.
"Hi," one of the girls said. To be honest, I was really hoping the girl that I bumped into awhile ago to talk. They were all beautiful. But the beauty that attracted me the most was the one that I bumped to awhile ago. I realized that she seemed really preoccupied, her friend hit her in the shoulder and she looked up right away.
"Oh, um, hi," she said, when she saw me and Harry.
"So I haven't seen you girls around here? Are you new to town?" Harry said, and I just wished he didn't have to act so flirty.
"You wouldn't actually know if we're new to town, cause it's a big place," one of the girls snapped at Harry. I saw Harry seem a bit flushed and I can't help but smile. Some of the girls stood up from their chairs leaving behind the one I was really hoping to be left behind.
"Anyway, what my friend meant was that do you live here?" I quickly said to cover up for Harry's silence.
"We just moved in," she said. She smiled at me, and I can't help but keep looking at her.
"Oh, um, do you need a tour guide?" I offered kindly. "I grew up here, so I pretty much know a lot."
"That's nice," she said, and I really hoped she would accept my offer. "But no, thank you."
She stood up from her seat and walked out. She left the bar, together with her friends and I didn't see her anymore.
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