Going through Here and There

Victoria lived most of her life living a lie. Then she meets up with an old friend in an exhibition and they contact each other again. But is everything real, or is it a lie? Or is everything just a dream and a vision?


15. Mixed Emotions

Zayn's P.O.V.

I woke up the next day and Camille was sleeping right beside me. I felt so happy that morning, I couldn't believe that I actually got to kiss Camille and she kissed me back. I wonder if she liked me again, I kissed her in the cheek and she woke up.
"Zayn," she said. "I'm still sleepy, kiss me later on."
"Whatever, babes," I said and I stroked her hair, and she went back to sleep.
That was it, I was so happy. Camille just told me to kiss her later on, that must mean that I have the permission to kiss her. I have never felt like this before with a girl. Camille was just different, there was something in her that I couldn't put right. I sat up in bed, and watched her go back to bed. I bent closer to her and kissed her in the lips. I felt her run her hands through my hair. I pulled her closer to me, and to my surprise she deepened the kiss. I never wanted her to leave my arms, but then all of a sudden my phone rang.
"What's that?" Camille said pushing away from me.
"It's my phone," I said.
"Answer it," she told me. "I'll go change in the comfort room, while you're on the phone."
She moved out of the bed and got her bag, she went to the comfort room and shut the door closed. Ugh! Why did my phone have to ring!
"Hello," I said answering my phone.
"Hey, bro! Are you busy?" Harry said.
"I sort of was, but then you called so now I'm not," I replied.
"Did I wake you up?"
"No you just ruined my dream," I said jokingly.
"Okay, so well the boys and I planned to stop by your place, so bye." Harry said. I wanted to disagree to their plan but the line went dead already. I felt my world go upside down, so I lied back down on bed.

After awhile Camille came out from the comfort room. She was wearing shorts and a tank top, her hair was also placed in a bun. She picked up her dress from the floor, and placed it in her bag. I noticed that her hair was wet, so I realized that she took a bath. She sat down in bed, and she texted someone something. I tried to see who it was, but she closed her phone already. She turned to me, and I pulled her near me. I kissed her and she kissed me back. I felt the rush going on between us, somehow I just did.
"Who was that on the phone," she said as she pushed me.
"Harry, he said they're coming here," I told her as I stroked her back.
"Why aren't you changing?" Camille said, she got out of bed and I knew she wouldn't dare go near me anymore.
"Why should I?" I asked her.
"Right, cause it's your house so you can do anything you want, well okay do what you want," she told me.
"I would, if you would just go near me," I joked.
"Umm, except that." Camille said as she teasingly kissed me. I wanted to pull her nearer, but she left the bed already.
I decided to get out of bed, I pulled on my pants and got my shirt back on. I went out of the room, and I went to the kitchen.
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