Going through Here and There

Victoria lived most of her life living a lie. Then she meets up with an old friend in an exhibition and they contact each other again. But is everything real, or is it a lie? Or is everything just a dream and a vision?


22. Mischiefs

Zayn's P.O.V.

Simon invited all of us for dinner, so we met up with him. There were bodyguards surrounding all of us. We ordered and then the waiter left.
"So, how are you boys?" Simon asked us.
"We're doing really fine," Harry said.
"Yeah, life's great so far," Liam said.
"You didn't get into trouble?" Simon said.
"No, except that time when Harry tried to kiss Zayn's girl and she beat him up," Louis said. I looked at Louis, when I heard the words Zayn's girl- cause I perfectly knew well they meant Camille.
"Zayn's girl?" Simon asked as he looked at me.
"Yeah, she's Zayn's ex-classmate," Niall said.
"You do know that I told you, you shouldn't be dating anyone from your past that the public doesn't know, at all." Simon said.
"I know," I said.
"Then are you two dating?" Simon asked me.
"No, we aren't, we're just friends," I said.
"Okay, well you shouldn't be communicating with her, that's a fresh start," Simon suggested. I couldn't say anything so I just nodded my head. I felt my phone ring, and I got it out of my pocket to see who it was.
"Who is it?" Harry asked.
"Umm, Camille," I said. Simon looked at me, and he just nodded his head which meant go ahead. I answered it and tried to make my voice calm and not romantic like.
"Hi," I said. I turned the volume abit loud cause Simon gestured me to do so.
"Hey! Are you busy or out right now?" Camille said.
"Umm, I am, I'm in a restaurant, why?" I replied.
"Oh I'm at home and I wanted to ask you if you know a babysitter cause my niece is coming into town, and I hate kids so yeah," she said.
"You hate kids?" I asked her.
"Didn't you know?" Camille said.
"No, I didn't." I replied.
"So do you know a babysitter or something?" Camille asked. I turned to Simon and he shook his head.
"No, I don't know of one," I told her.
"Okay, well, that's alright bye anyway!" Camille said and she turned off her phone, I looked at the boys and Simon and they were quiet.
"She seems like a nice girl," Simon said.
"Umm, she is I guess," I told him.
"Wait did you just say you were talking to Camille?" Louis said.
"Yeah why?" I replied putting my phone back in my pocket.
"And where did she say she was?" Louis said.
"She's at home," I said.
"Really? Cause why is she there with a guy sitting down having dinner?" Louis said. We all looked to see what he was looking and he was right. There in one of the tables was Camille and she was with a guy.
"Oh so that's the girl," Simon said.
"Yeah," I replied.
"Seems like she's taken, Zayn," Simon said.
I looked at her, and she was talking with the guy. I saw her pour more liquor into the guy's glass, and the guy drank it. I saw her roll her eyes and then she talked to the guy again.
"It's alright Zayn," Harry joked. "Why don't you call her and tell her why she lied to you?"
I agreed with Harry so I got out my phone and dialled her number. After several rings, she answered. I made the volume loud enough for everyone in our table to hear.
"Hello?" Camille said. I looked at the Camille in the restaurant, and saw that she wasn't holding her phone. She was still talking with the guy. This was just confussing, why is someone on the phone when Camille isn't on the phone.
"Hi, um, where are you?" I asked.
"I'm at home, why?" Camille replied.
"Are you sure?" I asked her.
"Yeah why?" she said. I couldn't stop looking at the other Camille and wondering what was going on.
"I'm just curious," I told her. "Bye."
I turned off the phone and looked at everyone in my table.
"Creepy," Louis said.
"What's going on?" Harry said and I can tell he was abit frightened about what was going on. I stood up from the chair and decided to approach Camille. Simon gave me a look which meant sit down, so I sat back down.
The boys and I looked at Camille, and her date. We realized that she wasn't all romantic anymore, but she was holding a bottle of wine in one hand. Louis decided to transfer to a nearer table, so that we could hear what she was telling the guy. We were transfered to another table, and this time we could beat clearly what she was saying.
"Where is it?" We heard Camille say, we looked at her and she seemed really mad.
"Maybe if you'll sleep with me, I'll tell you," the guy said. I felt my body chill abit with what the guy said.
"In your dreams, I don't sleep with freaking bitchy looking guys like you," she said playing with the bottle of wine in her hand. "Now tell me where it is?"
"Tell you what? Why do you even need it?" The guy said and I can tell Camille looked really provoked. "A girl like you can get anything you want through a man's heart."
"Tell me where it is!" Camille said and she stood up from her seat.
"Oh c'mon you seriously don't plan on hitting me here in the public eye, you'd be on the news," the guy said.
"And I care why? I came start all over again anyway," she said.
"Oh right, that's just you isn't it. You commit a crime then run away and then change your identity," the guy said teasingly. "Tell me, what happened to your friend Natshia is it?"
Camille turned silent, and there was something in her eyes that was unpredictable.
"I thought so, she suffered a sickness right? Did she survive? I knew she fell for that brother of mine, so when they were together he injected her," the guy said. I looked at the boys and Simon and they were confused too.
"You! You did it to her!" Camille yelled. She aimed to hit the guy but guy slowly pointed a knife at her. She looked at the knife, and sat back down.
"That's more how I like it," the guy said. He touched the side of her face, and I can't help but feel abit mad. She moved her head away, and stood up again. "I told you to sit down!"
"Well you're not the boss of me!" Camille yelled. The guy grabbed her wrist, and forced her to sit back down. Camille tried to escape the grip, but the guy was quite strong.
"Sit down" the guy said grinding his teeth.
"Ugh!" Camille grunted. "Let go!"
"I said sit down!" The guy said, but Camille didn't obey and I can tell he was getting really mad.
"No!" Camille said. She wacked the guy with the wine bottle she was holding and the guy let go of her. "I told you to let go."
"So what are you going to do?" The guy said, smiling an evil smile.
"Tell me where it is!" Camille said.
"Over my dead body," the guy said. Camille aimed to hit him, but a guy grabbed her.
"Camille it's enough!" The guy who grabbed her said. I looked into the guy's face and realized it was James. Camille relaxed and looked at the guy.
"I swear I will get my revenge on you," she said. James patted her in the back and they walked away. To our surprise, Camille went back and punched the guy's face. The guy was knocked out and his head collapsed on the table, and Camille quickly got a fork and ripped his neck.
"Tell me where it is!" She hissed to the guy. "Or I'm going to rip, your neck out!"
"It's in---" the guy said faintly and he dropped unconscious.
"He's dead Camille," James said. Camille looked at the guy, and wipped her bloody hands on a cloth. The waiter went towards their table and Camille nodded to whatever the waiter was saying.
"Go call the ambulance," James ordered. "And erase all camera footage that we were here."
"It might take some time," the waiter said.
"Ugh, I'll do it, boys nowadays are just so slow," Camille said. She got a chip out of her bag and placed it in a gadget. She turned the gadget on and then there was a really loud noice and then she turned it off.
"Done," she said. "Let's go!"
They left the restaurant and an ambulance came. The police came too, and they interrogated the waiter but the waiter said he just dropped unconscious. People are so stupid why can't they tell that the waiter is part of the murdering. Since we finished eating, Simon decided that we should leave. We separated ways with Simon and the boys got inside our car. While we were on the road, I decided to stop by Camille's house to interrogate her. We reached her house and I saw that her lights were turned on. I got out of the car, and knocked in her door. After awhile, she opened it. She was wearing a robe, and I wondered if she was feeling cold. But I controlled myself, to stop caring for her.
"Zayn?" Camille said, she gave a yawn but I couldn't tell if she was faking it. "What are you doing here late at night?"
"Oh were you sleeping?" I asked her.
"Yeah, I was," she said.
"I don't believe you," I told her, even if the words were so hard for me to say.
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