Going through Here and There

Victoria lived most of her life living a lie. Then she meets up with an old friend in an exhibition and they contact each other again. But is everything real, or is it a lie? Or is everything just a dream and a vision?


11. Midnight Calls

It was late at night when my phone rang. I really didn't want to pick it up but I decided to.
"Hello," I said in a really weak tone. I seriously was so sleepy.
"Hey, did I wake you up?" A boy's voice came, and it was super active.
"Uhuh," I said faintly. I gave a soft yawn and sat up in bed.
"Sorry babe, I just wanted to ask you something," the boy's voice was seriously sexy. It was then when it hit me. It was Zayn! And did he just call me babe? "Are you busy?"
"You woke me up! What do you expect?"
"Sorry," he said quickly. Why is he so hyper, I'm even so sleepy!
"Can we talk tomorrow? I'm really tired," I said rubbing my eyes.
"Fine, hey what about I visit you now? Would it be cool?"
"Okay see you, babe!" Zayn said and he hung up. I can't believe I had to wait for me. I looked at the time and it was 3:43 am. I got out of bed and walked out of my room.
I waited by the living room, and not long enough a knock came. I opened it and standing infront of me was Zayn. He got in and I lead him to his room.
"Can we just stay in here, I don't like staying in the living room at this time," I explained.
"Sure," he said and he sat down in the bed. I leaned on the door and waited for him to say something. "My mum wanted to see you again."
"Your mum?" I echoed back in a question. "Why?"
"I don't know, I just told her that I saw you and she was all like 'oh it would be nice to see that girl again'," Zayn said.
"Wait, you told her that you saw me?" I asked him.
"Yeah why? It's not illegal or anything." He said lying down in the bed. He unbuttoned his shirt to expose his tattoos and muscles, and I can't help but look at it for a second.
"How did you tell her? Did I just come up in the conversation or something?" I asked.
"Umm, I'd answer something," he replied.
"That's it?" I asked.
"No, umm, I wanted to hangout with you. You know, to get to know you better, and to make up for the past things," Zayn said and I can't help but smile.
"Sure, why not," I replied. I sat down in the bed while he laid there with his bare chest.
"Thanks, I hope you have a space in your heart to start all over again." He said and he reached for my hand. Before I could stop myself, I lied down next to him. I didn't like Zayn anymore, but I just lied down next to him in a friendly manner.
"I have a space in my heart, but it's a one time slot, if you screw up I'd hate you forever," I said and before I knew it, everything turned dark.
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