Going through Here and There

Victoria lived most of her life living a lie. Then she meets up with an old friend in an exhibition and they contact each other again. But is everything real, or is it a lie? Or is everything just a dream and a vision?


24. Just A Dream

No one's P.O.V.

Victoria looked around her surroundings, and standing around her were people in lab coats. She was so confused about what was going on and, her head seemed to ache abit.
"Another one awake!" One of the guys in white shouted. Victoria looked around and lying down in different beds were other people too.
"How are you feeling?" The guys asked her, he offered her a cup filled with hot liquid. Victoria looked at the drink, and was quite hesitant to drink it. "It's for your health."
"What happened?" Victoria asked after sipping the drink.
"You've been unconscious for 3 years," the guy explained. "Just like the other people here. Everyone in this room were sent in the same mission as you, but were dozed off by some drug."
"I remember but it's a blur." Victoria said.
"Well you should go out now, we have to check on the others," he said and walked to the next person's bed.
Victoria got out, and saw her friends sitting down in a couch. She walked towards them, and realized there were only two of her friends.
"Hey! You're finally awake!" Marie said standing up from the couch. "I thought you'd wake up after a decade."
"Nicole and Jill are still unconscious." Tania explained to Victoria. "We were praying really hard that you'd wake up already."
"Thanks," Victoria said as she took a seat beside them. "When did you guys wake up?"
"I woke up first," Marie boasted. She stirred her drink and drank it. "About 3 months ago." Victoria looked at Tania and gave a look.
"I woke up just a month ago," Tania replied. "Guys look Jill and Nicole!"
They all turned to look at what Tania was looking at and saw their remaining two friends.
"My body is so stiff!" Nicole yelled in anger. "I feel like a floating dead person!"
"Chill, I'm having headaches," Jill said. "And I don't think any of us need your yelling and complains right now."
"I'm so glad you're awake!" Marie said. She stood up from her seat and hugged Nicole and Jill.
"Well, I guess we're complete," Tania joked.
They sat down and took some snacks, they talked and chatted about the weird visions and dreams they had when they were unconscious.
"My dream was that I was Lady Gaga's personal shopper and she tipped me in salami," Marie said. The girls laughed at what Marie said and then shared their feelings.
"My dream was so awkward, I liked this guy but I didn't like him anymore. Then he liked me and it was just awkward," Victoria said.
"Maybe it's your future boyfriend," Nicole joked.
"I'm not joking it seemed so real," Victoria said.
"Well that's the thing it SEEMED real, but it's not," Jill pointed out.
After they ate and chatted, the agency's debrief alarm rang. The girl stood up from their chairs and headed straight to the debrief room. When they got there, they were the only people there.
"Oh, you girls are the only ones available," Jenelyn said with a smile. "Welcome back by the way. Welcome to the future."
"We aren't exactly from the past," Marie said teasingly. "We just didn't wake up for 3 years."
"Very funny of you, Marie," Jenelyn said and Marie bowed down teasingly. "Anyway, this mission is perfect for you all."
"Why is that?" Nicole asked.
"Well, first of all this is somewhat a treasure hunt, and it's a race to who completes it first." Jenelyn explained.
""What are the details?" Victoria asked.
"You have to be able to obtain 8 pieces and they will give you hints, each will always lead you to a new one. Each pieces can be obtained from different people or places, we do not know who or where it is, so it's up to you how to find it." Jenelyn said.
"If you don't know it, how are we going to start?" Jill asked.
"One of our agents were able to find the first one, but was killed after some time, so this is the challenge. You're life is in danger in this task." Jenelyn said. The girls nodded theirs heads and left the room. When they got out, they all gave out a deep breath.
"I'm ready," Marie said.
"You're always ready," Nicole observed.
"Hello! Did anyone hear her? Our lives are in danger in this task? And Victoria what are you doing?" Jill said.
"Wait, we blocked out 3 years ago, so meaning we must be 19 now," Victoria said.
"Yeah, so?" Jill said.
"So that means we're part of the senior class already," Victoria snapped.
"And that means that our missions are much more deadly!" Tania said completing the puzzle.
The girls left for the equipment room, and got their gadgets and everything they needed. They left the base and headed to their destination. Nicole drove the car while the others stayed in their seats.
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