Going through Here and There

Victoria lived most of her life living a lie. Then she meets up with an old friend in an exhibition and they contact each other again. But is everything real, or is it a lie? Or is everything just a dream and a vision?


6. Investigation

Victoria's P.O.V.

I felt like screaming inside, I looked out the window of the car and remembered how Zayn and I fought awhile ago. I can't help but feel a little mad at him for telling me he didn't like the new me. He has no idea who I am. Great! As a kid I was a nerd and he hated me and embarrassed me infront of the whole school. But now that I'm a new person, he tells me that he prefers the old me! Screw him!

Actually before I was sent to London, I was a spoiled brat and the agency forced me to change to this kind of nerd. I remembered screaming and fighting with everyone in the agency. But when I met Zayn, I liked him so I decided to go for the change. So there it went, I was a nerdy little girl. Then I regreted undergoing the change when he embarrassed me infront of the whole school. Ever since that day, I promised myself to hate him forever. But when I saw him in the exhibition, I couldn't help but feel happy to see him again. I was happy that he went to see me yesterday, but when he told me this morning that he didn't like the new me, I felt so mad.
"What you did was right," Bryan said but his eyes were still on the wheels.
"I lied to him, I never even tried getting high in my whole life, and now I feel so bad," I said.
"Don't take it all out on yourself, little sis," he said. "Look at the bright side, at least there was a little bit of truth in what you told him. Like the part were you said you dropped out of school cause to couldn't take it anymore."
"True I was tired of all those nonsense, but in reality the agency forced me to drop out, and I still wanted to go to school despite all of the bullying," I said.
"I'm going to be honest to you since you're my sister," he began. "Telling Zayn that you dropped out of school cause you couldn't take all of the bullying, made you seem really weak."
"I know," I told him. It was actually true, I did seem weak telling him that lie. I was like one of the best spies the agency has! And yet telling Zayn that lie made me seem like a normal weak person.
Along the way, my brother and I didn't talk at all. The thing about spy families is that they don't act like they're a family at all. I grew up this way, not being close to my family but I'm cool with it. Most people would find it awkward but I find it really normal. My parents were always out of the country, some of my siblings were probably somewhere doing their tasks and now I'm here going somewhere to finish a task. We finally reached the headquarter and went out of the car.

I entered the headquarter and everyone was so busy, when I passed by they greeted me. The thing about being a spy is you only greet those who are spies like you. I bet if a non-spy person enters this place none of the spies would even greet them. I marched into the tasks room, and there we met Jenelyn.
"Hello," she said. She was looking at me and then my brother. Jenelyn was a really scary woman, if you made a mistake in one of the tasks you were dead meat. The good thing about this agency is that we don't fire or kill, we just give them a second chance.
"Hi, so what did you guys want me to do?" I said and I saw that the folder Jenelyn was holding was my next task.
"You are to investigate this house number with your brother, and stay in the village for a couple of days," she said handing me the informations of the task. I opened it and saw a picture of a lovely house. The house was good for a beginning couple.
"What's about this place that we have to investigate?" I asked as I shut the folder closed.
"Years ago, a couple lived in there. They left for a few days and never came back. Now, just early this year, the couple's body was found in a river bank. We want you to find out who murdered them and why." Jenelyn replied. Her voice was sharp and it was serious. I looked at Bryan and he nodded. We left the room and headed to this village.
I had to wear glasses during this task cause I had to look mature. I looked at Bryan and he was wearing glasses too.
Great! I was to go on this mission with my brother, kill people and have fun solving mysteries. That was just my ideal type of a family bonding.
We finally arrived in the village, and we went to the house. I got my hairpin out inorder to pick the lock but to my surprise it wasn't locked. I took at step inside the house and everything was so messy and dust was dancing everywhere. Bryan went to investigate the second floor while I did the first floor.
I started with the investigation by looking at all the pictures the couple had together, I opened the frames of the pictures and everything was just normal. I headed to the kitchen and opened the stove, but nothing. I opened all the pans, and I was so mad that there was nothing at all! Ugh! I feel like giving up already! I threw the pans in the wall and it made a crack.
Shit! I broke the wall!
I went to the wall, and placed my hand inside the crack. To my surprise it was a door. I kicked the wall, and it fell down. Sitting there in the floor was a box.
"Bryan!" I yelled. He came down right away and I saw that he found nothing. "Look at this!" I got the box out and opened it. To both of our suprises, it was a necklace. I looked at Bryan and he was confused too. I got the necklace, and placed it on my neck.
"What are you doing?" Bryan asked me.
"Checking, if it would do anything wrong if you put it on," I replied. I waited for the necklace to do something but it wouldn't do anything. "Did you find anything?"
"Did the couple have any kids?" He asked me and I recalled the informations inside the folder. I shook my head and he gave a sigh. "Look what I found." He said handing me a doll.
"I'm not a kid," I joked but I knew it was part of the investigation. I looked at the doll and realized that it had a string at the back, I pulled it and the doll started talking.
"...if you want to find it dig deeper, dog is sheep and quack is cat. Hell inferno, not paradiso, seven circles not fire." The doll stopped talking and I realized that it was a super weird doll. It took me some time till I realized it was a hint or a clue to something. Bryan and I left the house and left the village
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