Going through Here and There

Victoria lived most of her life living a lie. Then she meets up with an old friend in an exhibition and they contact each other again. But is everything real, or is it a lie? Or is everything just a dream and a vision?


7. Honesty

Bryan went to the agency but he dropped me off to my house. I was gone for 2 days and I already missed home. Bryan left with the doll, he decided to let me keep the necklace since it didn't give much help.
I entered my house, and to my surprise Zayn was not alone. Sitting in the sofa next to him were the rest of the band. I looked at them confused, Zayn noticed I was there and he stood up right away.
"You're back!" He said and I knew that he was expecting me to be back after 3-4 days.
"Yeah, I'm back and you're not alone," I said looking at the boys. They were drinking some shots, and I realized I wasn't in the mood. "Go on and do what you guys were doing, I'm going to my room." I walked to my room and shut it closed.

It was 6:30 p.m. and I decided to stop lying down in bed and get up. I needed to get cook for dinner, so I went out of my room. When I got to the living room, all of the boys were no longer there. I went to the kitchen, and to my surprise all of them were there- and they were cooking.
"What's this all about?" I asked.
"Well, Zayn let us stay in your house without your permission so we thought we should cook dinner to make it up," Harry said and I realized that he was the best cook among all of them. I went to the living room, and sat down in one of the chairs. Zayn sat down beside me and I looked at him.
"How was your trip?" Zayn asked and I knew he was trying to make me forget about the fight.
"It went fine," I said and I stood up from the couch.
"Why are you evading me?" He said and he stood up from the couch too. He looked at me and there was a fight rising again between us.
"I'm not!" I said feeling a bit annoyed for no reason.
"Oh I get it, this is part of your 'change'," he said and there was something in his voice that was so provoking.
"It's not part of the change! I'm not even changed I was always like this!" I yelled back at him.
"Really, when we were young you always wanted to go nearer to me, and you took every chance you got. But now that I'm trying to go near you, you evade me!" Zayn snapped back, and his tone was rough.
"Well, I'll tell you what," I said. "I didn't change, I just stopped trying to impress you!" The words came out before I could stop them, and I knew that those words meant that I liked him before. But who cares! I did like him before, but not anymore.
"Why would you try to impress me?" Zayn said and he lost all of his fighting tone. "Unless, you actually liked me." He looked at me but somehow I couldn't look straight into those hazel eyes of his.
"I liked you," I said but I knew I sounded choked. "But I knew you wouldn't like me back, so I thought if we could be friends that would mean a lot to me. So I tried to be a really good friend, but it seemed like in the end you never wanted to be my friend cause you just ended up embarrassing me."
"But that didn't mean I didn't want to be your friend," Zayn said but I knew he was just trying to fix things.
"It's fine," I said. "You're just a friend now, don't worry. I don't have any feelings for you now." I tried to look at Zayn, and to my surprise I was able to. I smiled at him and walked out to the garden.
I sat in the grass, and felt myself close to tears. I never cried in my whole life, except for that time when Zayn embarrassed me. Zayn was the only person, the only guy, in this world who ever made me cry. I cried sometimes, but they were all crocodile tears, just inorder to finish the task I was told to do. I heard Niall shouting dinner time, so I decided to stand up and head to the dinning table.
All throughout dinner, the boys kept talking but I remained quiet. I couldn't look at Zayn straight into the eyes, as if it was wrong to like him before. After I finished my food, I went out from my seat and went to sit down in the couch.
Harry sat down beside me and I so wanted to get out, but I couldn't cause next to me was Louis.
"Zayn's in the kitchen with Liam and Niall," Louis said before I could ask anything.
"So, what's going on between you and Zayn?" Harry said with a suspicious tone. "Come on, we know that something's up."
"Nothing's up!" I said standing up.
"Chill, here, how about this. Harry will try to kiss you when Zayn's around. If he reacts that means you mean something to him." Louis said looking at Harry who just simply nodded his head.
"So what do you think?" Harry said.
"No!" I said. "I don't agree."
"Why not?" Harry said. "It's a good idea."
"No, it's not! It's stupid!" I said disapproving of their idea.
"Okay fine," Harry said.
Liam and Niall entered the living room. Louis smiled at them and so did Harry.
"Where's Zayn?" Harry asked.
"He's coming," Liam said.
I stood up from the couch and Harry stood up too. When he saw Zayn coming he looked at me. I rolled my eyes, but to my surprise Harry leaned near me. He was so close to kissing me, if I didn't pull him in the neck and push him in the wall, we would have kissed. I grabed his arm and pulled it behind him.
"Don't you dare!" I said to him.
"Okay, okay!" Harry said. I knew I hurt him in a way, so I decided to let go of him. "You're pretty strong for a girl." He joked and he felt his arm.
"Yeah, but she's not a little girl," Zayn said and I realized that he was watching the whole incident.
"Hey, Paul is going to have his gun firing practice tomorrow, and we're going to watch. Do you want to come?" Louis said.
"I bet she would like to come," Zayn answered for me before I could say anything. I looked at him and left the room. I headed straight to my room, but before I could lock it Zayn was by the door.
"Look I need to talk to you," Zayn said and there was something in his eyes that I couldn't tell.
"Come in," I said feeling all of my energy being drained.
I sat down in my bed and Zayn sat down beside me.
"Um, so what you said earlier, like awhile ago," he began. "Did you really mean it?"
"Ummm," I said biting my bottom lip. "I know it sounds crazy, but yeah, I did."
"It's alright," Zayn said. He placed a hand on my shoulder and I turned my head to look at his hand.
"I used to like you," I mumbled but I knew Zayn heard the words well.
"You said that while ago, and I know I didn't like you before. But I'm gonna be honest since you were honest with me." Zayn said and his hand stroked my arm all the way until his hand reached my hand. I looked at him, and I realized that his hand was so warm.
"Well, I gotta go to bed now," I said and he removed his hand from my hand. "See you tomorrow." I stood up from the bed, and waited for Zayn to leave the room. When he left, I got changed to my night wear and went to bed
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